Titan Radio Clubhouse


Titan Radio Clubhouse (or TR Clubhouse) is a new platform for Cal State Fullerton clubs and organizations to promote and discuss their upcoming events and overall mission. Each episode will highlight a specific club and the creative members behind it, all while being hosted by our own Titan Radio staff. Email titanradio.tecintern@gmail.com to have your club on air!

Titan Radio’s Michael Quintero and Editor-in-Chief Jordan Mendoza of the award winning student paper, The Daily Titan, review the fast pace life of journalism while highlighting the success and struggles of his team. Follow @thedailytitan on Instagram for CSUF and Orange County news.

General Manager Xavier Sanchez sits down with Philosophy Club president Rene Ramirez and former club president Patrick Henning as they discuss the club’s purpose in “existing” and how racecar beds and Pokémon are essential to life. Follow @csuf_philosophy_club on Instagram for more updates.

Monica and Entertainment and Tourism Club President Maddie Lund discuss the importance of networking within the entertainment industry and the abundance of opportunities ETC offers Cal State Fullerton students. Follow them @etc_csuf on Instagram for club updates.

The TR Clubhouse producer Monica and Titans of Comic-Con President David and Treasurer Mathew talk all things pop culture and how their club provides a community that promotes individuality. Follow them @titansofcomiccon on Instagram.

Our radio media coordinator Matt talks about all things video games with the Vice President of the CSUF Video Game Development Club, Nick Rogers. This club challenges its members to build a new video game every semester from scratch! Find them @vgdc_csuf on Twitter and Instagram.

Titan Radio staff Matt and CSUF Gaming & Esports Club President Adam discuss the competitive yet entertaining environment that the club offers to students on campus. Follow them @csufgaming on Instagram for more updates!

Areeba and the founder of YDSA, Bryon Lopez, discuss how the club fights for student and workers’ rights on and off-campus while educating us on differences between socialist and democratic ideologies.

Monica and Felllowearthling.Co’s President Nireeksha Namjoshi discuss the importance of sustainability and even give possible tips on how to contribute to environmental and mental health. You can follow them @felllowearthling.co on Instagram for more information about future meetings and events!

Areeba, Landy and Monica discuss the reason behind Titan Radio Clubhouse and explain the functions and future of Titan Radio’s Street Team. You can follow us on @titanradio on Instagram and Twitter for more info!