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“Titan Radio Presents…” is a podcast series from Titan Radio, Cal State Fullerton’s college radio station. Each episode will feature different student, staff and faculty voices covering a range of topics including sports, research, campus life and more.

Have you ever wondered what families did for fun before TV? Travel back in time to 1933 with some radio students from Cal State Fullerton as they recite a famous radio comedy by Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel. These students flexed their vocal muscles as well as adding in kooky sound effects to create some of the most engaging audio content Titan Radio has ever put out.

Our first full episode explores the electronic duo, Daft Punk, with Daft Punk historian and CSUF alum Luke Perez. Perez is currently displaying his private Daft Punk collection in the Pollak Library exhibit titled, “25 Years of Daft Punk: An EDM History Exhibition” until December 20, 2019. In the episode, we discuss things such as what it takes to put an exhibit together, how Daft Punk came to be and more. Follow Perez on Twitter @daft_wub for more Daft Punk news!

Matt and Danielle, two staff members of Titan Radio, explain what this podcast series is about and what you can expect from future episodes.