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The TR Clubhouse interview was with Kaylee Elizabeth, President of Pre-Law Society (PLS)

Kaylee Elizabeth Zúñiga is a Political Science major with a concentration in law. Kaylee interned at CSUF College Legal Campus last semester and is currently a competitor for the university’s Moot Court team.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your organization? 

Pre-law society is for students to learn to become a lawyer or want to somehow be associated with the law whether it’s because they have to go to law school, for example, someone who wants to be a FBI agents, so if they want to come to get involved… we just provide resources, a path or at least guidance…

Q: What Demographic do you cater to?

A: So we don’t necessarily cater to a specific demographic because you don’t need to be a specific demographic to apply to law school. You could literally be an art major, whatever it is you just need a bachelor’s degree to go to Law school so if you’re interested… anyone is welcome.

Q: What kind of services does your organization offer? 

A: Resources: 

– LSAT Prep Material- help and prep exam 

– Virtual Law School Tours: New

– Networking / Connections

Q: What is your favorite service your organization offers?

LSAT Prep Course, because if it wasn’t for when I was a member I would’ve known how serious the test was and so that was definitely a really big help. They got me in contact to the person that I took the LSAT class with, if it wasn’t for PLS, I wouldn’t have known to take the class.

Q: Any upcoming events? 

In-person we would obviously have the biggest day is Law Day.

– Law Day – In-person we’d have guest speakers come: attorneys, law students or something related to the law.

– Moot Court – Top 3 things that law schools look for on a resume. Anyone could put on their mood court experience on their school application and stand out.

Diversity Day – We’re at a time where there are so many social injustices and seeing a lot of ugly colors… That’s why I wanted to really bring this day to show the importance of diversity.  We all come from different backgrounds and are all following the same path in Law. That goes as far as physical disabilities .. because we have a member who’s in a wheelchair and he’s applying for law school…. So we don’t discriminate no matter what and so shouldn’t the law.

Q: Any upcoming events? 

Diversity Day : Dec. 2 : 5-7pm

What FAQs do you often receive and could you answer them for us right now

How to start, What is Law school about?

– Come to PSL and we can provide all the resources and answers!

LSAT: How does it look, how long is it?

-We offer the LSAT Prep!

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