The Shallow Graves & Airwaves Show

Show Description: A somewhat variety show provided by an indie kid. Part of an hour is dedicated to a different genre every week ranging from disco to 1940s jazz to Russian new wave and beyond (and of course indie music). Some shows might feature a segment of a short story, and every week will offer a movie recommendation that no one asked for. Every show will start with a different theme song every week.

DJ bio: DJ Spooky Boots is a huge all-around art nerd who loves and listens to all sorts of music (though primarily Indie) and is a major film buff. She loves to explore different genres of art, and she is influenced by vintage culture, pop culture, and everything in between. If DJ Spooky Boots could have sponsors they would be hair dye, Disneyland’s The Haunted Mansion, and the concept of “new boot goofin.”

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