Poetic Injustice

Show Description: This show is about being poetic in fighting for justice and within the revolutionary war we go through on a daily basis. As well as the poetry within our daily lives as we deal with oppression and how we manage or cope with these out-of-wordly-pressures. This show is for anyone and everyone, whether it be folks who want to learn about the struggle, or for folks who live the struggle so much they need to release it, we will touch the hearts of many. Within this show, we will talk, we will jam, we will laugh, we will cry, but more so than anything we will live! Come Illuminate your Mental with Poetic Injustice on Saturdays!!!

DJ Bio: My name is Gabriel Ponce, pronouns he/him, in my last year of undergrad at CSUF and I hope to continue to bring about lasting change on campus. I am an Orange County Native, and a survivor of this institutional oppression our society has laid upon us and our ancestors before us. We are the seeds that have been planted, we are the roses that grow from concrete, and all I hope to do is help illuminate our very graphic, harsh, and yet beautiful realities. One Love.

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