Mating Ratings

Show Description: Basically, my co-host and I will be selecting two or three animals each, for each episode, and then researching what those animals’ mating strategies are like. We would then teach each other as much as we can about that animal’s reproductive behavior and anatomy, and after each animal description, we will give the strategy a rating on a scale of 1-5. The rating portion is arbitrary, but it’s meant to add to the humor of the show. We would move alphabetically, so episode #1 would be animals that begin with the letter “A,” and so on…

DJ Bio: I tutor evolutionary biology at FCC and I love to spend time outside. I’m a huge nerd for the tide-pools, I often go whale watching, I love wildlife and astrophotography, and I get way too excited when I see a coyote on the trails. I was raised by gay parents, and I think this upbringing has (at least in part) influenced my interest in animal mating behavior. There are so many ways in this world to “do it!” Why limit yourself to learning about just one?

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