20 caras

Show Description: My show is a shuffle format EDM radio show where I play a lot of my Spotify saved music. My music variety will include new and old music from EDM artists in the futurebass, deep house, dubstep, heavy bass, and riddim genres but I also want to extend to different genres of music like alternative, rap, mexican, and indie. The name is inspired by the icosahedron, a 20 faced shape, also used as the logo for the electronic duo ODESZA. My show has slight commentary, and covers a broad spectrum of sound but overall has a structure varying in each segment. My hour-long show’s goal is to compose a structured playlist that hopefully doesn’t seem unorganized, but if I’m being completely honest, episodes can fluctuate in quality due to the overwhelming pressures of a full-time student and worker in a pandemic.

DJ Bio: Jesse Oliveros is a fourth-year communications student working part-time as a delivery driver! He’s a huge music lover with his favorite genre of music as EDM. Though raves are very sought after for Jesse, he’s a chill dude, with a slower tempo fixed at heart. He plans to DJ with the name QUIET FRND but this semester’s show plans to re-amp Jesse’s growing radio personality. Previous shows: Self-love EDM radio & Vibrant Sesh.

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