IntersXional Healing

Show Description: A platform to amplify intersectional experiences formed in non-inclusive spaces. We strive to build community through: difficult conversations, envisioning possibilities of different futures, and activism that promotes healing. Featuring multiple hosts, guests, and professors on rotation to provide diverse identities in the conversation. Listen in as we share our couch chats and radical music that inspires us.

DJ bio: WGQSSA is the student association for folx who are interested in exploring topics around women, gender, queer and sexuality issues. We are a student lead and student focused group, seeking to create a safe place to find students who are thinking, learning, and working for gender equity and social justice at Cal State Fullerton and in our communities. Join WGQSSA to find out what’s happening at the moment and to make connections with other WGST/QS students and activists.

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