Heart and Soul

About Heart and Soul…

I’d like to air music of upcoming artists from independent labels in genres ranging from electronic, soul, house, indie, funk, etc., and have them on the show to discuss their work. I would also like to highlight electronic music from the 60’s and 70’s and highlight present-day musicians that have preserved the sound of early electronic/ambient music. I also plan to play jazz/fusion music from different countries such as Brazil, Mexico, India, Russia, and Japan from the 1960’s to now.

About DJ Neko…

I collect music of upcoming artists to forgotten artists from the past with roots in subcultures from different countries. My experience working in a record store has further exposed me to even more eclectic sounds that are refreshing, cathartic, and blissful. Record digging and trading music with other vinyl lovers have allowed me to discover the different scenes within youth culture that are producing a certain type of sound.

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