Let’s Get Takeout

Show Description: It will be a music/topic of the week show! Show will always start with music and then my cohost and I will then go into talking about different topics each week. Its called Let’s Get Takeout because ideally it would be a lunch hour time show and is akin to the conversations you have with friends on your lunch break/around the lunch table.

DJ Bio: DJ Philly G is a current graduate student in the MSHE program at CSUF and a grad student assistant at DIRC. He was a DJ for KSUN Radio at Sonoma State University for 3 years. DJ Philly G plays the hidden gems and sounds you’ve been missing in your life and the craziest remixes from producers that make you say “Damnnnnnn”!

Jimmy is a lifelong musician, having played a part in multiple award winning percussion ensembles and marching bands. He listens to many different genres of music and along with his cohost, Philip, will share some jams that hopefully folks will enjoy. He’s also a big fan of pop culture media, be it movies, tv, etc., so it will sure to be a good time on our show!

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