Deepfried Mayo

Show Description: My show is like if a beef sandwich and a bologna on rye were put together. My show is basically like if a chili cheeseburger had its own radio-show. My show is kinda like when you ask for no pickles on your burger but they put some anyways and even when you take the pickles out you can still taste the pickle residue. Or my show is usually just me talking about different topics that keep me up at night and playing some indie music.

DJ Bio: Daniel Lozano may be one of the most heroic people in maybe all of history. one time he helped an old lady cross the street and he only charged her $10 for his services. I heard he learned how to regurgitate food from his stomach just in case anyone ever gets hungry he can feed them. Daniel Lozano was also voted ‘Most likely to become a DJ at Titan Radio’ in his high school yearbook. But lowkey hes slightly balding but dont really tell anyone because he’s kinda insecure about it. :/

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