Daniel’s Diaries

About Daniel’s Diaries…

I discuss the thoughts that haunt my dreams. The thoughts that tickle my brain. Or i just play some chill indie music and talk abt how it speaks to my soul. Or I just bitch about my life for an hour.

About DJ Lil Mayo…

I was raised by a pack of wild goldfish. They taught me to live by the knife and die by the knife. I also play soccer sometimes if i have the time.

2018 Worlds Fastest PB&J Maker—My record is 4.79 seconds. If you think you can beat me i heavily encourage you to challenge me 1v1. (I play street rules and i cheat a lot so be ready)

My name is Daniel. Im very agressive and have been known to fart when tainted with please stay away from me i just cant control my demons yet.

I am banned from being within 100 yards of any library in the state of Oregon. Dont be afraid to ask me why 😉

I spend most my weekends teaching the homeless how to yo-yo

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