Daily Dose of Life with Kim & Daisy

Kim Cruz: I am a communications major with concentration in broadcast journalism. I LOVE all types of music from edm, to The Smiths, reggaetón, and much much more. I’m opened to learning about other music and sharing music with others. I hope that through this show Daisy and I will be able to bring up topics that are not usually talked about and inspire others through our work! Come through and take this journey of life with us! This will be the happiest hour of your life. 

Daisy Tornel: I am a communications major with a concentration in broadcast journalism. I love reggaetón, R&B, Hip hop, rap and country music. What makes our show unique is the different music genres we enjoy to listen to and our interest in playing all kinds of music for our audience. We also hope to engage in topics that will get others involved. This will be a safe space to talk about anything that we encounter and also find ways to be able to go through the hard times. We will also bring guests to talk more in depth about topics and interview others!

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