CSUF Shore

About CSUF Shore…

I want to resurrect and build on my old show, which was centered on hip-hop party mixes, but this time I want to expand the scope to include ALL classic, groovin’ party music as well. (I’ve been on a Steely Dan kick as of late, for example.)If it has a good beat or bass-line, chances are I will play it. I also love throwing in notable sound bites from popular culture and other DJ tricks to keep the hour lively. I can provide sample mixes if need be.

About DJ Gbabysanch…

I am passionate about music’s power to connect people and stir all types of feelings within yourself — one being the desire to party hard-y. With that ultimate truth in mind, my show brings the nightclub to you every week at no cover charge, with mixes featuring all the music that will make your toe-tap or rump shake. The world is changing right before our eyes, but hopefully, my show is a refuge from that negativity and a reminder that having a good time is a form of self-love.

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