Around the Camp Fire

About Around the Camp Fire…

As a former Girl Scout, this show plays homage to summer camping trips. It’s a way to experience sitting around a campfire without even leaving your house. A few things that the show will have: the sound of a cracking fire… sound effect; soft, acoustic camp songs (not Kumbaya); scary stories; and camp games with some guests. The vibe is very BuzzFeed Unsolved, Welcome to Nightvale, American Horror Story 1984 (just the general 1980s/1970s vibe), and the camping episode of Spongebob (except I promise to make sure no sea bears will make an appearance).

About DJ Ang Cruz…

Hi! Ang here, aka the biggest fan of gaudy windbreakers, soul-crushing animation, intersectional feminism, indie pop, Japanese Breakfast (the food and the band), and anything scary. I’m a women & gender studies major and my sun sign is Leo, which means I have no impulse control which makes me entertaining (sometimes).

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