Each week, two roommates discuss current pop culture trends and entertainment topics ranging from the latest Bachelor gossip to what’s hot and not in Hollywood. E + G share opinions, personal anecdotes, and musings from their perspectives as college-aged ladies living life in our media-centric world. Let’s get this par-TEA started!

Court is now in session as your favorite ladies are serving up some pipin’ hot legali-tea. From celebrity lawsuits to controversy on campus, the ladies cover a wide range of this week’s happenings in Hollywood. And don’t think they would ever forget your weekly dose of Bachelor nation news.

“Leaf” is in the air this week as E+G discuss everything from lavish celebrity unions to the biggest couples breaking up. They sprinkle in a quick dose of fatherly-love and the importance of a new podcast that gives a voice to those who need a little extra T(ea)LC.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single “steep.” Join E+G as they kick off their tea-filled adventures discussing the season’s biggest award shows, celebrities taking a stand, and give you an all-access pass to the Bachelor in Paradise season finale. Plus, a first-impression of next season’s rosy-eyed hopefuls with their eye on the Peter prize.