Sippin' Tea with E & G


Each week, two roommates discuss current pop culture trends and entertainment topics ranging from the latest Bachelor gossip to what’s hot and not in Hollywood. E + G share opinions, personal anecdotes, and musings from their perspectives as college-aged ladies living life in our media-centric world. Let’s get this par-TEA started!

California’s devastating fires, the crazy world of child stars, and the ladies’ favorite Holiday traditions are steeping in the kettle this week.

The ladies had caffeinated tea today and you know what that means — tangents galore! They explain internet memes, their favorite childhood shows, and get real for a second about the beau-tea of therapy.

E+G take a moment to honor their pop king’s new anthem before they dive into a discussion of Youtube’s newest series, a quick Bachelor check-in, and a celebration of friends, old and new.

Court is now in session as your favorite ladies are serving up some pipin’ hot legali-tea. From celebrity lawsuits to controversy on campus, the ladies cover a wide range of this week’s happenings in Hollywood. And don’t think they would ever forget your weekly dose of Bachelor nation news.

“Leaf” is in the air this week as E+G discuss everything from lavish celebrity unions to the biggest couples breaking up. They sprinkle in a quick dose of fatherly-love and the importance of a new podcast that gives a voice to those who need a little extra T(ea)LC.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single “steep.” Join E+G as they kick off their tea-filled adventures discussing the season’s biggest award shows, celebrities taking a stand, and give you an all-access pass to the Bachelor in Paradise season finale. Plus, a first-impression of next season’s rosy-eyed hopefuls with their eye on the Peter prize.