Our Streams

Freeform Student Content

When you click on Listen Liveanywhere on our website, you will be routed to our primary audio feed. The content going to this stream is freeform, independently created radio shows operated by our eighty volunteer DJs. These DJs are a diverse mix of CSUF students, faculty and staff members.

This stream also has an added video component that can also be accessed on our home page or main site menu. Our DJs have the option of using web cameras to add a visual element to their radio shows. However, some of our volunteers are shy and choose to default to a filler image so they can remain off camera.

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primary stream
outdoor stream

Creating Campus Atmosphere

With the help of the Division of IT, we are distributing a unique mix of music and messaging to speakers that span across outdoor areas on campus, specifically Titan Walk and the Promenade. With thousands of students, staff and faculty passing by every day, Titan Radio is hitting more ears than ever before.

The audio heard on CSUF’s campus is a special blend of genres carefully crafted by the Titan Radio staff. Every few songs, one may also hear an annoucement shouting out our advertisers or campus partners.

If you are interested in pushing your message to the CSUF community, please reach out to our general manager at titanradio-gm@fullerton.edu.