Written by Amber Irwin

In this episode of OC Tingz, I’ll tell you all my favorite place to go to in Downtown Fullerton, and it is not JP23. However, if any of you have been to JP23 and managed to wander over across the street, you’ll find a little gem called Pickled Monk. 

Pickled Monk is one of the best restaurant concepts in our modern city. When you walk in there will be a menu that looks like a newspaper; which is already the coolest thing about this place by its representation of the dying print medium.

Then, you’ll choose if you will be enjoying any meals to go with your drinking. UHU. Cool thing #2. You don’t pair a good drink to go with your meal like you usually would. This isn’t a normal restaurant, it’s a cool restaurant. So once you’ve picked you can head over to the counter and start your journey. 

At the register, you order the food you’d like and are asked if you’d like to start a tab where you connect your credit/debit card to one of their tap cards and use it in their tap room. Once you’re set-up, head behind the register into their tap room where they have a wide selection from some of your favorite brewing companies. These include stouts, IPA’s, lagers, porters, and amber beers. Along the edges, there’s a variety of glassware as well, for whether you want a flight or a big mug or anything in between. You choose your glass and you rinse it on top of one of the glass rinsers provided. Next, choose your selection of beer. Personally, I always enjoy a flight so I can try the different beers in smaller amounts. Each beer is different as far as prices. You will find the better beers to be a bit more expensive, but overall great prices! Around $.50/ounce more or less is what this will cost you. 

Some Beers They Offer

If you’re not so into brew they do also provide a small wine selection and wine glasses if that is more your cup of tea or your glass of wine in this context? Hmm. Also, if you’re just not into what they’re providing you will find a vending machine that holds a variety of tall cans from Modelo to White Claws.

Once you’ve grabbed your brew you find your seat, where I’m assuming you’ve already claimed by putting your order number on, and you cheers to your friends!

Cool thing #100, while you are sitting waiting for food or even during your meal you can feel free to grab any board or card game they have provided. These games range from plain old card games to Connect Four to Jenga, they’ve got them all. An overall great time to be with friends, and an even better first date!

You won’t find a server coming around ruining your good time with questions. Everything here you grab yourself. They have extra utensils, cups for water and cold water, napkins, all the essentials! 

So, grab someone right now and check out the Pickled Monk so you can brag about it just like I am.

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