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Just QuaranTINGZ


“Just Quarantingz” is a new platform for students and faculty to express their worries and pass on their advice during lockdown.

Amber zooms with Cal State Long Beach physics major Jacob Weber as he shares his unique experiences during the pandemic. This episode shares another perspective on the similar difficulties the other Cal States are experiencing, and especially for those pursuing a science-based major.

TUSK Magazine’s Director and Communications Professor, Chelsea Reynolds, has an over-the-phone chat with Amber as she elaborates on how her organization is continuing and altering their content to fit the needs of the at-home readers during the Coronavirus pandemic. They also touch on how to move forward positively while also physically moving nowhere.

In the first episode of “Just QuaranTINGZ” Monica and Amber interview Titan Radio’s Marketing Director, Angie, regarding the shift of life that social distancing has brought to Titan Radio. Angie also shines a light on the challenges other students and teachers may be facing as she expresses her fears as a high school tutor.