Fullerton FC

Wednesday 8PM – 9PM

A comprehensive review of all new soccer developments, transfers, results, storylines, and more. Soccer has the unique ability to combine culture, passion, and pride and we plan to have that all on display in this segment.

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Allen Badolian & Christopher Badolian

Allen Badolian and Christopher abadolian are two csuf nsm students (in biology and biochemistry) who also happen to be brothers! Allen is a masters student who also works as a TA in anatomy. Christopher is an undergraduate student who also teaches SI. Christopher and Allen share a passion for the beautiful game known as football (soccer) and hope to one day become physicians and also continue to enjoy the sport that they love.

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Miggy's Sports Hour

Thursday 8AM – 9PM

Sports talk show, mostly about the NFL as the season is about to start, college football as well if there's interesting things to talk about. Mostly football but will dive into other topics if they're important enough.

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Miguel Castaneda

Miguel delivers his sports opinions in a passionate and enthusiastic way. He loves the Niners, but more importantly loves to stir up the rest of the league fandoms!

Talkin' Soccer

Friday 2PM – 3PM

Soccer is a sport that is beloved by people all around the world. In this show I would be reviewing previous games, examining the news around the sport, and discussing a variety of topics. Soccer Fan or not, feel free to drop by and listen!

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Julius Choi

Julius Choi is currently majoring in Communications with the emphasis on Journalism. He dreams of being a sports broadcaster and hopes that he can call live games here at CSUF. Julius has a passion for the sport of soccer and as a fellow supporter, he wants to create a platform that would bring both the game and the love to his show.

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