Monday 9AM – 10AM

Curated sounds from the past, present, and future. Music ranging from 1970 classics, 80's new wave, 90's Hip hop, and today's up and coming sounds. Genres consisting of rock (Classic & Indie/Alternative,) Hip hop, R&B, and house. Providing chill, easy listening, beach, and uplifting vibes to get the day going.

dj by dDara from the Noun Project

Ethan Manalo, aka E10 was born and raised in Los Angeles on August 19th, 2001. Coming from a family of musicians, dancers, and DJs it is no surprise that he developed a love for all types of music at a very young age. His personal taste developed through crate digging at record stores across California and hours of curating his own personal playlists for both himself as well as friends and family. Aside from music, Ethan’s other interests include surfing, cars, motorcycles, drawing, and fashion.

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song to crash to

Monday 1PM – 2PM

Well, for starters, this explains the dent in my car (do ask it's always a fun story LOL). This a show dedicated to showcasing the unique genres that represent Asia. From KPOP, to City Pop, to OPM, and everything else in between... YOU NAME IT WE HAVE IT. Join me as we vibe to tunes that promise to make you go HEART EYES

dj by dDara from the Noun Project

Igo is, for the lack of a better term, quite wig. In between his love of music is his undeniable fascination with Star Wars, vinyls, movies, and sneakers. Catch him running around campus with a Core water bottle on one hand, and a Coke coffee in the other :))

Practice Sessions

Monday 10PM-11PM

Practice Sessions (Back2Back) is a radio show, alternating between recorded live vinyl DJ sets and digitally curated mixes. PS traverses through the rich lineage of the UK hardcore continuum, mainly with dubstep and grime, as well as jungle / drum and bass / breakbeat, bassweighty techno, UK funky and garage, dubbed out grooves, and hard hitting drum workouts. Besides this, PS also works through dreamy ambient and downtempo, contemporary pop, underlooked indie music and other forms of (mostly electronic) internet music in the post-genre landscape.

dj by dDara from the Noun Project
Yung Dave

Dave is a vinyl DJ / self-described ‘UK dance music historian’, having delved into the post-post-dubstep landscape and the hardcore continuum around late 2012. When he’s not busy trainwrecking beatmatching on his Technics or digitally stitching together mixes, he’s editing videos for his “Practice Sessions” A/V sets on YouTube.

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Anti Pop

Tuesday 10AM – 11AM

Shining light on the infinite amount of incredible music there is out there, mainly focusing on artists of color and those in the LGBT community. Each week will have a different vibe, including but definitely not limited to R&B, rock, hyperpop, and alternative genres. You will never hear the same song twice!

dj by dDara from the Noun Project

Robin is a third year Communications/CTVA student at Cal State Fullerton. When not working at the Gastronome or doing homework, he loves to cook, clean, and take care of his beloved plants, all while listening to his hours-long music playlists. Many people have told him that his music taste is “interesting”, but he still loves sharing it with the world.

Back in Time

Tuesday 3PM – 4PM

A play on time-travel the show jumps between various genres and decades of music. One week can be specifically 90’s alt and another week being 60’s psychedelic rock to always be unexpected.

dj by dDara from the Noun Project
Natalie Albarran

Natalie is a fourth year biology student with oddly specific playlists that are hogging up her space on Spotify. Genuinely just a b-grade version of Radio Rebel.

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Manager's Special

Tuesday 4PM – 5PM

Act fast; this 2-for-1 deal won't last! Manager's Special is a weekly radio show where two friends with juxtaposed music tastes get together to find commonality and gab on-air. Shelby and Sully have been part of Titan Radio leadership for a combined 6 years, with Shelby currently leading the station as the general manager. Tune in every Tuesday at 4 p.m. only on titanradio.org!

dj by dDara from the Noun Project
Sully & Shelby

Standing at a daunting 5’4”, Shelby takes charge of the station as General Manager, and has for a few semesters now. You would think that a radio station manager would have a diverse taste in music but you would be wrong. This year Shelby was in the top 1% of Justin Bieber’s listeners on Spotify. Sully has been involved with Titan Radio since his first semester as a CSUF freshman in 2014, leading some to ask, “Why don’t you move on with your life?” Another interesting fact about him is that he’s never hosted the same radio show twice due to his low attention span. Sully is proud to return to TR to host his last (?) show ever with his good pal and former subordinate, Shelby.

Frank’s smörgåsbord of music

Wednesday 11AM-12PM

Frank’s smörgåsbord of music

dj by dDara from the Noun Project

Frank is not an interesting person. He is from New Jersey.

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Titan Radio Logo Tr

Call Your Dad

Wednesday 2PM-3PM

Call Your Dad is a music hour reminiscent of the music your dad listened to. The inspiration comes from my own father’s eclectic taste in music.

dj by dDara from the Noun Project

Claire is a communications student with a keen interest and appreciation for music. Her dream is to be a successful music artist, but for now hosts a radio hour inspired by the music she heard growing up (with some of her own favorites scrambled in).

Karma Radio

Thursday 10AM-11AM

A pulsing journey through each corner of the music universe. Explore the infectious harmony of wide ranging melodies with Ready Steady radio.

dj by dDara from the Noun Project
DJ Marina

DJ Marina takes listeners on a trip beyond the cosmos with sounds that are bound to transform the way you view everyday radio. Marina brings sounds from all over the world to her listeners to enter an oasis wherever they go.

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Thursday 3pM-4PM

bongoman2003 consists of music with a theme. Whether it be a genre, sonic similarity, or connection through a producer, the concept will change each set. Some examples might be: a versus set, wherein two artists will be played back to back; my favorite cover songs; songs with elements of spoken word; etc.!

dj by dDara from the Noun Project

I listen to a decent amount of music, and I play it as well! I have had somewhat unique experiences playing shows and such, being in a band! Although my knowledge of production, and music, in general, is elementary at best, I hope that I can use that knowledge to provide interesting commentary.

The Kitchen Kollection

Thursday 4PM-5PM

The Kitchen Kollection is an hour of everything from the blues, to psychedelic and indie rock. Depending on the day you might get some lowkey soundcloud hits too! Tune in, every Wednesday at 2PM!

dj by dDara from the Noun Project
Grant Kitchen

Grant Kitchen is a new graduate from CSUF, but more importantly, a huge music connoisseur. He’s been DJing privately since 2015, but a DJ at Titan Radio for a year now. Grant looks to provide a relaxed but fun acoustic environment regardless of where he’s playing music.

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Thursday 8PM-9PM

An eclectic cluster of podcasts, cutting edge music, and thought provoking communications

dj by dDara from the Noun Project

DJDOOM has a lot to offer the ears of Cal State Fullerton as a femme Latina student who’s unique perspectives on life and music deserve to be heard and given a say in a white dominated patriarchal society.

Nocturnal Catharsis

Thursday 10PM-11PM

Nocturnal Catharsis with Dj Beatrix contains an eclectic mix of genres and themes for each given playlist. Each show can range from genres such as ambient, shoegaze, experimental, r&b, drum n bass, rap, dark wave and more.Themes can vary such as a holiday theme, a nostalgic theme, a mix based solely on a particular year/decade/genre, and much more.

dj by dDara from the Noun Project

Beatrix engages in “musical excavation” to continuously discover new or hidden/under appreciated music. The joy of sharing music with people is what keeps her heart and soul content. On her spare time, she enjoys binge watching cooking shows, hiking, watching the sunset, and making sure she doesn’t over-bake her cookies into a burnt crisp.

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Titan Radio Logo Tr

Planet Disco

Friday 2PM-3PM

Planet Disco is a reflection of the mess that is my Spotify playlists. One minute I can be emotionally listening to Beach House and the next getting hyped to Denzel Curry or even dancing to Slayyyter. If you can relate to scattered music syndrome like me you will hopefully find comfort from my disorganized mix of music.

dj by dDara from the Noun Project

Honeybun aka Amanda is a senior majoring in cinema and television arts. She is a fashion and film critic, but mainly just a food critic. I enjoy watching Bravo reality shows in my free time and window shopping while on my breaks working at the mall. My special talents include being good at cornhole and having a great customer service voice.

Eclectic for Eons

Friday 11PM – 12PM

A set full of unique grooves from Brian Eno to Bjork showing off an eclectic range of music. I hope each listener finds a new song they haven't heard before.

dj by dDara from the Noun Project
Sade Stan
Titan Radio Logo Tr

TK Bogo Shogo

Saturday 9AM-10AM

Listen to the music that fits my mood for the week or the crazy stories I have to tell. And you also get to hear my friend Kayden who I force to come with me every week

dj by dDara from the Noun Project

Emy is a first year psychology major who has no idea what she’s doing but she still manages to have a good time. She also has a weird obsession with the color orange and cows!

Earth to Space

Saturday 10AM – 11AM

Whether you think best way to enjoy music is to lay back and relax or to use it as background noise to your everyday activities, Earth to Space brings you any range of music you can think of! We try to listen to a little bit of everything and would love to introduce listeners to something new or resurface an old middle school favorite.

dj by dDara from the Noun Project
carla & cristina

Carla and Cristina are 2nd and 1st year students at csuf (respectively). While they both enjoy all medias of entertainment, Carla is fond of rating every single movie she’s ever seen on letterboxd and Cristina is more of a rate every single book she’s ever read on storygraph.

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The ChillFactory

Saturday 12APM – 1PM

Welcome to the ChillFactory, a place where cool music meets relaxation! If you ever need some downtime from a hard day, this is the place to be! Just sit back and listen to some tunes! Time to chill out!

dj by dDara from the Noun Project

Nohbdy is an Art student at CSUF interested in pop culture, music, and everything in between! When she is not delighting those around her with random, useless facts, she can be found lurking the aisles of your local bookstore. Readers beware.

Miss Perceived

Saturday 3PM – 4PM

My radio show will feature myself discussing the psychoanalysis of a female character from a horror/psychological thriller film, followed by a curated playlist for them each week.

dj by dDara from the Noun Project
DJ Dyscretion

DJ Dyscretion often asks questions that make some wonder “What?” or admit “I’ve never thought of it that way.” Her show challenges what we understand about the horror genre’s female characters, and how we relate to them. DJ Dyscretion invites us into her worldly perspective of these characters in her show Miss Perceived: a thoughtful discussion followed by a curated playlist for the character of the week.

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Titan Radio Logo Tr

Planet Groove

Saturday 4PM – 3PM

Planet Groove is a show that plays a variety of different music based on themes. Each week would be a different theme whether it is a genre or a feeling. Planet Groove a place to put you on a variety of different music. You never know what good, groovy music you’ll listen to on Planet Groove.

dj by dDara from the Noun Project
DJ Zenith

DJ Zenith has been a music lover since out the womb. Their passion is listening to music and because of that they listen to several different genres, such as funk, jazz, classical, rock, pop, etc. One of their favorite things is sharing music and making playlists for others, so if in need for music DJ Zenith is the person to ask.

Music to Moogie Woogie To

Saturday 5PM – 6PM

Every week we pick a theme, play some relevant songs, and discuss the correlations and infinite connectedness between music and our lives. Potential themes include video games, comedy, soundtracks, animals, foreign languages, music that hurts your ears (in a good way), and more!

dj by dDara from the Noun Project
Nat & Sid

Syd and Nat are two of the coolest cats in the biz. They met at CSUF way back in 2017 and have been best buds ever since. They enjoy talking about music, doing yoga, listening to music, watching wacky foreign sketch comedy, seeing live music, petting animals, and music. They had an enormously popular show (at least two listeners!) on Titan Radio a couple of years ago and are now back for Music To Spill Your Chili To, Part 2: Electric Boogaloo.

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