Couple of Buds Ready to Bloom


Join Lyba and Selwa as they navigate their experiences of being Muslim American and children of immigrants. As a couple of buds constantly growing and in bloom, Lyba and Selwa have deep and personal conversations about various topics that they think are important to discuss!

Hey friends! On this week’s episode, we’re excited to start off our Muslim Business segment with highlighting MahnJaan Decorates (@mahnjaandecorates on Instagram) an online dessert bakery created by Mahnoor, be sure to check out her business! If you would like your business to be featured on an episode, let us know in our DMs.
Hey friends! It’s officially been a little over a year since quarantine started. So, on this week’s episode, Lyba and Selwa discuss their experiences in different phases of lockdown and the lessons we learned this past year.
Hey friends! This week Lyba and Selwa are joined with guest speaker and Clinical Therapist Iman Saymeh, who discusses the concept of our inner child, what events can damage it, and how we can take steps toward healing.
Hey friends! On this week’s episode, Lyba and Selwa discuss their ethnic backgrounds and how they’ve learned to navigate between two cultures and identities.
Hey friends! On this week’s episode, Lyba and Selwa get candid about their self-confidence journey and social interactions from childhood to present, including lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Hey friends! For the first episode of our podcast, we discuss our personal spiritual journeys and reflect on how far we have come.