Brownie Points


Brownie Points is a podcast series from Titan Radio, Cal State Fullerton’s college radio station. Areeba Kaukab and Annie Joaquin discuss the different nuances that went into growing up brown. Annie is Filipino-American and Areeba is Pakistani-American, they discuss their differences and similarities. They also discuss things they are currently obsessed with and other things they’re coping with on a day to day basis! Through these conversations, they mull over the brownie points they have learned over time.

The girls talk about self-worth and how it builds their self-image growing up. They speak about how their parents, high school, and the people around them built them up and/or broke them down. They also speak about they’re values and how they combat negativity.

Annie and Areeba talk about their most recent obsessions, Tiger King. They express their opinions on the conspiracies in the show and are really really sad about all the big cats.

Annie and Areeba talk about Quarantine with one of their close friends Matt Arsenault. They speak about what they’ve been up to, coping with mental health at home, and how to deal with the current climate both in political and emotional manners.