Written by Esteban Cabada

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With the holidays around the corner, many people start to delay their fitness goals until after those Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts. Although it has good intentions, this mentality is often proven only to delay your goals more. That being said, I want to provide some helpful tips that can get anyone on a path to being healthy and promote good fitness habits.

Tip #1 is START NOW, not tomorrow, and definitely not later. As many know, the hardest part about establishing a diet and exercise regimen is the beginning. The less time you waste, the more you prevent yourself from delaying your progress!

Tip #2 is to know your limits. This applies to a couple different aspects of being fit and eating healthy. When it comes to the first couple of weeks in dieting and working out, you have to start at your own pace. Even the strongest and healthiest person had to start somewhere, so if you fail to do so, it’s easy to get carried away and hurt yourself. Fully accepting these limits is also valuable because it allows you to give yourself the chance to exceed them and to push yourself further.

Tip #3 is to evaluate the worst things in your diet, write them down, and adjust your habits accordingly. Many people find that they are more inclined to resolve their problems if they come face to face with them; thus, writing them down gives you a clearer idea of how bad your eating habits might actually be. One example is realizing that you drink too much soda or sugary drinks; the change could be to only drink water for a couple of weeks straight and see how you feel. When these changes are highlighted, it’s also easier to see the positive outcomes. This also goes hand-in-hand with my next tip.

Tip #4: Make sure to find the time in your day to dedicate to this appropriately. I have heard SO many people say that there isn’t enough time in the day to get a workout in; in my opinion, if you are motivated enough, you will find the time. It could mean something as simple as squeezing in 30 minutes of cardio and lightweight, or even some at-home workouts to get started. Even these small steps are steps in the right direction. And with the right diet, you will find your body to be more inclined to build itself up, thus giving you more motivation. The Final Tip might not be what you expect.

Tip #5 is to find the right reason for why you want to get into fitness and living healthy. There are thousands of people who are working out and dieting for the wrong reasons (they’re being bullied about their bodies, they want to be “cool” to impress someone they like, etc.). The fact is, these forms of motivation can easily fade away because they are aspects you don’t have 100% control over. When you use things like avoiding disease, wanting to improve your daily energy or a new way to meet people, you begin to see the control you have over what drives you to succeed in being healthy and fit to your standards.

These tips are not to say that I’m an expert because I’m definitely not. These are merely things that were given to me as pieces of advice to help me get motivated and find myself in this healthy lifestyle; so, I hope this helps someone too!

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