Coming off of his debut album and world tour of “Gossip Columns” Bay Area native, Marc E. Bassy, had many fans eager to hear his next project. After teasing clips of new songs on tour through his Instagram; suddenly on October 5th, 2018 Marc released a project titled “Postmodern Depression.” The five-track project has guest appearances from other artists of the Bay Area!

On the opening record “Treat Me So Bad” he captures the listener with the frustration and passion in his vocals. The song has a slow build but eventually breakouts fully just before coming to a sudden end. Marc goes on to tell his stories throughout the project;  incorporating guitars, auto-tune and piano melodies that capture the listener. Marc doesn’t hesitate to tell the truth on this record, on “Love Her Too,” featuring G-Eazy, he admits his wrongs and hypocrisy with a lovely melody.

 In a recent interview discussing the new project, Marc discusses the meaning behind Postmodern Depression. Marc details how today’s culture glorifies being depressed and down. The speed at which culture is traveling makes young people unable to connect and feel, not only with others, but with themselves. Marc goes on to hint at an album coming soon that will address those problems within our culture, and his take what that all means.

 The quality of production and mastering of the music on this project is what truly stands out. Marc’s team has developed their sound to a new level but still managed to incorporate the natural feeling of his music. It’s difficult to put a genre on Marc’s music, but one can feel the natural on the spot emotion of hip hop mixed with the soul of R&B. There are glimpses of Pop throughout his catalog, but that just makes the sound of his music that more interesting.

After multiple tours with G-Eazy and just finishing one with SuperDuperKYLE, Marc is continuing to develop great records and is proving that he is here to challenge the listener to feel and think.

Check out Marc E. Bassy’s music on all music platforms, and keep an eye out for tour dates on his Instagram, @marcebassy!

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