Written by Theo Tran

Jackson Gillespie

“The Star Room” by Mac Miller echoes through the DJ booth of the radio station to signal the start of the Friday 2 p.m. slot.

“I always have trouble coming up with names for things, and one day I was listening to this song, and it just struck me,” Jackson Gillespie, host of “The Star Room,” on Titan Radio explains, “now it’s how I start every show.”

This communication major’s aim is to translate his experience at Titan Radio, and in his major to eventually host his own radio show outside of school. “I used to work at a radio station, and I had a show every week for an hour. I really enjoyed my work, but because it was an older radio station, it eventually closed down,” Gillespie explains, “so before I went to Fullerton, I made sure to research that they had a radio station because I knew this is what I wanted to do.”

Gillespie invests copious amounts of effort into his show, only hoping to gain experience he can document and translate into his career. He says, “The Star Room” offers music, and opinions for several different genres of music. He explains that when he searches for media, the most important thing for him is seeing a reflection of the artist through their content.

He only hopes to create dialogue and bring awareness to music that he appreciates. “The Star Room” closes with a techno house mix slowly fading out, and another successful radio week comes to an end.

Tune in to the last episode of “The Star Room” for the semester on Friday the 13th at 2 p.m.

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