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Victoria Montoya and Monique (Momo) Akioyame

Monique and Victoria met freshman year, bonded over a mutual love of Spongebob, became house-mates, and are currently in their third semester of “The Gang’s All Here.”

What is your major, and what do you like most about it?

Momo: I’m a theater major and a sociology minor. I love that they work well together and go hand in hand for what I want to do in the future.

Victoria: I’m also a theater major, with an emphasis in education. I double major with Chicano/Chicana studies; they both coincide really nicely, and I want to teach Latinx theater in the future, so they work out perfectly.

How did you hear about Titan Radio?

Victoria: I think one of our friends had a show, but we’d always talked about doing a radio show. It was just like a thing you’d see on Disney Channel where they have their own radio show, and you’d be like, “I want to do that when I get to college!” 

Momo: A lot of people want to do student board or other things, but I really wanted to do college radio. I didn’t know the scene until our friend told us to come down here.

Can you describe your experience DJing on Titan Radio so far?

Victoria: It’s been the best. I have no bad things to say. Every time we’ve been stuck, or we feel like we’re not doing enough, somebody behind the scenes is like “no, you guys are amazing.” When our show was live, the staff would be dancing to our music, and it was cool to know we did have good taste. 

Momo: Everybody here has their own style and personality, and it’s so cool to come in here every day, and there’s somebody new to be able to connect with. It’s been super welcoming and family-oriented. 

Victoria: We love it here, we try to shout you guys out every show because we honestly wouldn’t be here without you. 

How would you describe your show to someone who’s never heard it?

Victoria: “The Gang’s All Here,” just that Spongebob quote. Our love for Spongebob is what started the show, and our music taste is very similar. We grew up with the same music, which was basically everything. Like today, we’re playing Stevie Wonder after Beyonce.  

Momo: The niche or what we try to run with is “the people you’d trust with your aux cord.” For people to know that we have different tastes in music, but it’s going to be good throughout the show, that’s the goal. 

Victoria: It’s a modge-podge of everything, from the early sixties to current music. 

What is one of your favorite songs of all time?

Victoria: The Steel is one of my favorite bands, and with every new album they release, one of their songs just really touches my heart. Not the latest one, but on the previous album, there was a song called Glory, and it really got me through some dark times. That band is everything to me. 

Momo: Right now, I’m super obsessed with Tyler, The Creator. Mr. Lonely/911, he encapsulates how I feel really well in words and with sound.

What is one of your favorite artists?

Victoria: Prince and The Beatles, I grew up on that.  

Momo: Panic! At the Disco, Stevie Wonder, and Tyler, The Creator. 

How did you come up with your show concept?

Momo: We came up with the name based on our love of Spongebob. It was the first thing we thought of.  

Victoria: I would say really rare Spongebob quotes, and she was the first person in college who could continue it. We knew that it was something we could do not just in one show, but in all of them. We format it by making a different playlist every week.

Momo: It’s different themes, and every week we’ll pick one and make a shared playlist on Spotify, upload them all and then see what ends and starts and ends well together and what has a good flow. 

What is one interesting thing about you?

Victoria: I have a Naruto tattoo, it’s my favorite anime.

Momo: I have a really big fascination with aliens. Not just that they’re cool, but I genuinely believe that they’re really out there. 

What is an interesting thing about your show?

Victoria: It’s heckin’ cool. 

Momo: We have a decent Instagram (@thegangs_all_here).

Victoria: We have over a hundred followers, and we heard that was a big deal! It happened really fast.

Momo: It’s been a really helpful thing for our show, we have people that follow us that don’t even go to our school. 

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Momo: I’ve always wanted to have us sponsor our own little concert or something with local artists or artists that we know!

Victoria: It’s been hard to do with work in school, but hopefully, in the future, it’ll happen. 

Check out The Gang’s All Here on Instagram and tune in to their show on Titan Radio every Saturday at 8 p.m.! 

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