Written by Eilish Sweeney

What is your major, and what do you like most about it?

Giana: I’m a COMM major, Entertainment and Tourism. I’m really interested in the entertainment world, and I want to get to know it a little bit more. I love entertainment, it’s something I’m really passionate about.

Emma: I am communications, but my emphasis is journalism. The writing is big for me, I’m broadcast [journalism] so I’m learning the video editing and the writing side of things I really love writing and I’m discovering that I’m going to potentially be able to make a career out of something that comes really naturally to me and I’ve never had to try super hard at. It’s hard and I’m not perfect, but it’s fun.

What made you want to do Titan Radio? How did you hear about Titan Radio?

Giana: Matt came into my class, and I thought Titan Radio was just basically all DJs. I have my own style of music like, I listen to One Direction and that’s it, I don’t ever listen to anyone else. So I was like, “clearly I’m not gonna be a DJ”, but he talked about how [Titan Radio] started a podcast channel, and I’d been wanting to start a podcast. I’d been wanting to start one for a while, and I kinda had this vision last year, that was called “Sippin’ Tea with G”, and I was really interested in starting it up […] and this was a really good opportunity to have an easier platform and I asked Emma to do it with me since I wanted a co-host, and it became  “Sippin’ Tea with E & G”.

Emma: I listen to podcasts all the time and I think it’s cool that they’re coming back and people are listening to other people have conversations. Radio was obviously the first form of this communication, so I think it’s cool that people are enjoying podcasts so much nowadays. So I was like, “yeah, I wanna do it! That would be really fun.” 

Can you describe your experience DJing on Titan Radio so far?

Emma: We are a little bit of a mess when it comes to the technical side, but it is fun to learn.

Gianna: But that’s also something we can put on our resume. It’s a lot of fun talking about what we want to talk about, and I haven’t had something creative like this in a long time so it’s really exciting. 

Emma: It’s fun to be able to share it with friends and family, and people seem to be enjoying it which is a fun thing. I look forward to getting up and coming in and recording and just that set time to talk about stuff. 

How would you describe your show to someone who’s never heard it?

Emma: It’s a little bit of a wild ride. Sometimes we’re just gagging around and we’re roommates so we have inside jokes. Like today, we just got on about the ghost that we think lives in our house and sleep paralysis and all this stuff. It does get random, but it’s supposed to be a mismatch of pop culture and entertainment news. Mainly The Bachelor, and we say what’s hot and not in Hollywood. It just makes entertainment news approachable and fun [and] not so gossipy.

Giana: And not so negative. I feel like celebrity news is very negative and not fun. We’re not just like, trashing people.

What is one of your favorite songs of all time?

Emma: Mine is Sweet Child of Mine [by Guns n Roses]. It’s like my pump-up jam, I can’t be in a bad mood when I hear it. I grew up with the oldies, it puts me in the best mood, but I like all kinds of music. 

Giana: Anything by One Direction. They were iconic when they broke up I was broken. I saw them eight times in concert, I was obsessed with them. Drag Me Down, it’s the best song ever. 

What are your favorite artists and why?

Giana: One Direction. And I love Lennon Stella, she’s up and coming. She has such good music.

Emma: LANEY, I went to one of their concerts a few months ago and I love every song that they have. That’s my current favorite of the last year. 

How did you come up with your show concept?

Giana: I came up with the title “Sippin’ Tea with G”.

Emma: It rhymed to have “E” in it too. And I was like “what if we drank tea physically while we do [the show] too?”

Giana: I’m someone that always says “tea” and “love the tea”. I’m just always here for it, and I also love tea the drink. So “Sippin’ Tea”, like why don’t we just sit down and have a little convo. Before Emma came on, I wanted to interview people and know the tea in their life, what’s going on, what’s the thing that shaped your life, but I liked that it’s kind of turned into more entertainment news.

Emma: And we can still do that too, I’m interested in the same thing and we both like talking to people.

One interesting thing about you?

Giana: I’ve been on three episodes of The Bachelor. 

Emma: My uncle works for Adobe, and I’m on one of the Photoshop boxes. I was a photo on the box that you went to buy at the store. If you went to Best Buy to buy Photoshop for 2000-and-something, I’m the picture. I don’t remember what box it is because the photo on the box would change with every edition, but since my uncle worked there I got on it. And it was announced in the newspaper. But I’ve never been able to find the box. 

Listen to “Sippin’ Tea with E & G” every Saturday at 8 A.M.!

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