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Featured image credits to the LA Coffee Festival

The LA Coffee Festival returns in its second year with much more to offer.

On November 8th through the 10th, the LA Coffee Festival took place in its second event in Downtown Los Angeles at the Magic Box. The event welcomed returning attendees and new attendees alike to show them the latest innovations in the coffee industry. With more attendees than last year (around 7000+ in the first two days), the festival delivered with more to offer.

The event was conceived by Jeffrey Young, who, with his team, noticed that many trends were happening within the coffee industry. After years of studying these trends, he decided to begin a festival to showcase the best of the best within the industry. Now in its second year for LA, Young brought in new features to attract new crowds. One of these new features included “Coffee Masters,” where baristas faced off head to head in competing in categories such as latte art, cupping, and brewing. In addition to these new features, the Coffee Music Project, the Lab, and the Kitchen did well in attracting festival-goers and giving them a first-hand experience of what the industry is like. Moreover, the festival continued its partnership with Project Waterfall, a charity dedicated to bringing fresh water to coffee-growing regions through activities such as timing how long you can hold a jug of water and spinning the wheel for exclusive prices.

With many flyers, samples, and free products, the LA Coffee Festival has much to offer from vendors such as Califia Farms, Oatly, Minor Figures, and Hario. Local cafés such as Bluestone Lane, Intelligensia, and Klatch Coffee also had booths to give out free samples of their coffee to curious attendees to make sure they’ve left with their coffee cravings satisfied.

The LA Coffee Festival is a one of a kind event for all levels of coffee enthusiasts, from beginners to the industry professionals. To hear our recap of the festival, click down below.

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