Gunnar Gehl, a young up and coming artist from Newport, California, is the first to hit the stage at The House of Blues Anaheim. Some fans in the crowd have been waiting in line since 7 in the morning, and the show is sold out. The line outside wraps around the block and the crowd is eager to get the show started.

Its Gunnar’s job to set the tone of energy for the night. This is Gunnar’s first tour and he is joined by rising pop group: PRETTYMUCH on their North American FUNKTION TOUR.

The whole balcony of The House of Blues Anaheim is filled with relatives, friends and people from Gunnar’s hometown; and they have all made the drive from Newport to witness their city’s rising star. With just Gunnar and his drummer on stage he immediately captures the energy of the crowd. The crowd moves like a wave crashing the stage and bright phone lights filling the venue. From the first song, it is clear to all Gunnar is passionate about his music.

The song that resonates the most with the crowd is his new single “Ocean Blue”; the song has emotional lyrics with bright pop vocals. The crowd sings back the melody of the chorus to Gunnar as he bridges to the next verse. Later throughout the set, Gunnar shows off his skills playing an acoustic record and acoustic covers for his new fans. Towards the end of the night he comes back out on stage with PRETTYMUCH to perform their new record.

Gunnar has two singles out now on all music platforms, “Ocean Blue” and “Outta My Mind”. In a recent interview, he mentioned a new project coming early in the new year. With time to work on music, now that he has wrapped up The Funktion Tour; many are eager to see what is his next move.

Go check out @gunnargehl on Instagram for more info and updates on his music!

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