Jaden Smith @ The Novo Concert Review

Written by Diana Pacheco

From Titan Radio’s A Little Bit of Everything, Mondays at 5 pm

On Saturday, April 7th, I went to see Jaden and Willow Smith at The Novo in Los Angeles. It was a completely sold out show, with the line to get into the venue stretching out for several blocks. Jaden and Willow had many opening acts (IQ, Ian Frequency, Jason Voorheezy, Tyler Cole, and Odessa Adlon) which are all a part of their friend group and Jaden’s collective, MSFTSRepublic. Although it took a while for Jaden to come on stage, every single one of his friends were extremely talented and I thoroughly enjoyed their music. When Willow came on stage, it was a very minimalistic performance, consisting of her singing while playing an electric guitar. Her vocals were very soothing and provided a great atmosphere to such an intimate venue. She also sent out such good, relaxing energy to the crowd. Soon after, Jaden came out with an explosive, artistic performance. His stage presence is incredible, and the show itself had many visuals that added to the whole effect of his show. He had a lot of energy, and kept the crowd on his toes. The whole concert consisted of him performing songs off of his most recent album, SYRE. He also performed a couple of songs he has with his friend Teo. At the very end of the show, he brought out Brockhampton as a surprise guest. They performed Jaden’s favorite Brockhampton song, Hottie. Overall, the show was filled with many surprises and discoveries. I can only hope that Jaden can grow even more as an artist than he already has.

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