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About Us

Titan Radio is California State University, Fullerton’s official radio station. We host over 70 student and faculty on-air DJs per semester. Our staff has worked tirelessly since 2000 to mould Titan Radio into a creative outlet for a vast array of different people. Along with our 24/7 broadcast, we also host events, post online articles, and actively interact with our listeners through social media.

If you would like to get involved, visit us in PLS-51, located in the southern basement of Pollak Library. Our station is open to the public. We also encourage you to follow our social media accounts (@titanradio) for all upcoming ticket giveaways, announcements, and events.

Our Mission

Titan Radio’s mission is to operate a radio station that showcases the diverse voices of CSUF and provides experiential learning in various communications fields.

Titan Radio is the warmest, most inclusive community on campus. A safe haven for music lovers & an experimental playground that yields wholesome innovation & motivation.

Kevin RaudalesOn-Air DJ

Titan Radio has helped me connect to more people than ever through music as well as finally become comfortable in a "live media" setting. Titan Radio welcomes all and creates a fun, professional environment on campus.

Priscilla GomezOn-Air Dj

Titan Radio is more than just a radio station; it's a diverse community of driven individuals who create, collaborate, and grow together.

Will GlasbandStreet Team Member

Through four years of Titan Radio, I found a part of my soul, my sound and best of all my friends on and off-air. Eternally grateful to the special space in the basement.

Karl SunglaoFormer Program Director

Titan Radio is the best way to express all the musical creativity I barely have. The station always has something for everybody, and if it somehow doesn't, you can be the one to patch that hole.

Richard CoulterOn-Air DJ

Something I cherished a lot when I joined Titan Radio was how welcome and comfortable I felt. I'm grateful that there is a place on campus where people of all backgrounds can share their music interests freely with no judgment.

Andy GomezFormer On-Air DJ

Meet Our Team


Matt "Sully" Sylvester

Radio Media Coordinator

Sully is the only full-time staff member on the team, serving as Titan Radio’s coordinator and advisor. His academic background is in American studies and journalism, and he is currently pursuing a graduate degree in American studies from Cal State Fullerton. He is passionate about helping students grow, fighting for environmental justice, and supporting local artists. In his free time, Matt enjoys snowboarding, video games, Spider-Man comics, film photography, hiking, and walking with his newly adopted dog, Olive.

Shelby Stancliff

General Manager

Shelby Stancliff is the General Manager at Titan Radio. She is a third year student, double majoring in Cinema and Television Arts and Communications with an emphasis in Entertainment and Tourism. She hopes to work at a television studio out of college in pre-production or production. In her free time, she cuddles with her dog Maya, finds new shows to binge, does puzzles, waters her plants (sometimes too much), practices roller blading, and listens to artists such as Ariana Grande, The 1975, Roy Blair, Justin Bieber, With Confidence, and pretty much anything from the early 2000s.

Michael Quintero

Program Director

Michael Quintero is the Program Director for Titan Radio and is in his last semester at CSUF majoring in Communications/Journalism. Michael started with Titan Radio as a DJ in Spring 2019 and will air his fifth and final season of “Crowd Surf.” He is also the Managing Editor for CSUF’s campus magazine, Tusk Magazine. After graduation Michael plans to work as a multimedia journalist in either the magazine industry, skateboarding scene, or anything he can show off his creative abilities. Aside from school and Titan Radio, Michael shoots a ton of street photography, used to attend a concert every week, reads, plays Call of Duty, or either skates or surfs in his free time. Some of his favorite artist include The Beatles, Bones, Thee Oh Sees, KirbLaGoop, Surf Curse, and King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard.

Landy Waight

Marketing Director

Landy Waight is the Marketing and Promotions Director for Titan Radio. He hopes to graduate this spring with a degree in Business Administration that focuses on Entertainment and Hospitality. After graduating, he wants to find a career in the music industry. This will be his third semester as the host of “The Waight List”, his own radio show that plays an hour of straight up bangers. In his free time he enjoys watching sports, golfing, biking, camping, eating dank food, taking pictures, watering his plants, and listening to records. Follow him on IG and Twitter @landywaight to see what shenanigans he’s up to.

Jon Buzdar

Music Coordinator

Jon Buzdar is the Music Director for Titan Radio and a Junior majoring in journalism at CSUF. Jon has been working in several different fields throughout the years as an aspiring journalist. He is the creator and host of "The Double Life," a weekly podcast that interviews all kinds of artists worldwide. He is an international photographer and writer with stories that have been published about his travels to his home country of Pakistan. Jon is inspired by creatives like Chaz Bear, Bob Dylan, Steve Mccurry, Marc Maron, Ira Glass, Daido Moriyama, and Ernest Hemingway.

Areeba Kaukab

Communication and Campus Outreach Director

Areeba Kaukab is the Communications and Campus Outreach director whose goals are to connect with people around school. This will be her third semester being a DJ and is excited to record shows this coming semester. Areeba is a Human Communications Major and is hoping to eventually go to Law School to start her career in social justice law. She loves to explore different forms of media and tends to gravitate towards a multitude of different genres. When away from work and school she likes to binge-watch everything in sight, try out new restaurants around town, thrift shop, and tries to be as well informed on current events as possible. Her favorite artists that have been on repeat the past couple of months have been Billy Joel, One Direction, 2000s Disney channel music, and Kendrick Lamar.
Sazeda headshot

Sazeda Sultana


Sazeda Sultana is the Webmaster for Titan Radio and a Master of Science Student at CSUF with a major in Software Engineering. She recently graduated from the University of California, Irvine, with a Bachelor of Science in Informatics. She is mostly interested in the career of a software engineer, a frontend developer, or a UI/UX designer. Her favorite music artists are Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears. Sazeda loves creative works. She loves to design and cook. Cooking is her stress-relieving activity. She finds lots of creativity in cooking.

Devin Puente

Music Curation Intern

Devin Puente is the Music Curation Intern for Titan Radio this semester. This will be his second semester being the DJ of the show AudioShop on Titan Radio and can’t wait to share new music he discovered on the show this semester. Devin is a Communications-Journalism major and is hoping to travel the world to cover and shoot photography for concerts and festivals. His other career aspiration is to become a member of the Nike’s Ekin Program after graduation. Devin loves discovering new artists before they get their big break and supporting local businesses. In his free time,Devin loves finding new coffee/milk tea spots, watching sports, going to concerts with friends, playing with his two dogs, Bailey and Luna, going shopping and finding his favorite albums/singles on vinyl. His current favorite artists include Black Country, New Road , Cocteau Twins, Beach House, Kendrick Lamar and Tyler, the Creator.

Tannan Luzzo

Sports Reporting and Radio Programming Intern

Tannan Luzzo is the Sports Reporting and Radio Programming Intern during the Spring 2021 semester in addition to being a DJ for the very first time. He is currently in his last semester at CSUF, majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. Tannan hopes to work in the sports and entertainment industry after graduation, with an ultimate goal of being an athletic director at a highschool or college someday. In his free time, Tannan enjoys watching sports, shooting hoops, hanging out with his girlfriend Andrea, trying new foods to eat and watching documentaries. Some of his favorite music artists include The Rolling Stones, Queen, Jay-Z and Nas.

Savannah Terrazas

Content Management Intern

Savannah Terrazas is the Content Management Intern for Titan Radio this semester. This is her last semester at CSUF as a student majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Entertainment and Tourism. She is hoping to land a job in the digital marketing/social media management field following graduation. Savannah has been involved with music from a young age which has carried on into the present day. She loves to listen and connect with artists all around the world. In her free time, she finds herself playing guitar, going to concerts, petting cute dogs, drinking chai lattes, watching YouTube, riding her bike, and spending quality time with her friends and family. Her current favorite artists include Foals, IDLES, Coldplay, Radiohead, Andrew Bird and Kings of Convenience.

Sagar Joshi

Web Intern

Sagar Joshi is the Web Intern at Titan Radio during the Spring 2021 semester. He is currently in his last semester at Cal State Fullerton majoring in Computer Science. Sagar's career interest in becoming a software engineer or a full stack developer. In his free time, Sagar enjoys playing with his dog Champ, watching sports, hanging out his with friends, attend concerts/music festivals, and listening to music. Some of his favorite music artists include Big Sean, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Anderson .Paak, Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, and the Weeknd.

Michelle Ibañez

Multimedia Journalism Intern

Michelle Ibañez is the Multimedia Journalism Intern this semester. She’s a Communication’s major with an emphasis in Journalism, particularly in print. After graduation, she hopes to land a job at a local news outlet, hopefully in Southern California. Michelle also serves as the News Editor at the Daily Titan, fueling her passion for storytelling. During her free time, you can find her catching up on the shows she missed, walking around Target aimlessly, drinking lots of coffee and staying awake way past her bedtime, TikTok or a book being the ones to blame. Michelle loves boba, her dog Bora, Pinterest boards and tweeting like there’s no tomorrow. She loves all types of music, and is always looking for new songs or artists recommendations.

Cesario Mora

Community Engagement Intern

Cesario Mora is Titan Radio’s Community Engagement Intern for the Spring ’21 semester. He is a senior majoring in Communications with a Public Relations concentration. After graduating, Cesario dreams of running his own PR agency where he will help shady clients out of a crisis, and will even get calls from the President of the United States whenever they are in a scandal. Cesario will nonchalantly tell the President, “It’s handled,” and then snap his Nokia flip phone shut. Sadly, Cesario realizes that life is not a Shonda Rhimes drama, but he still wants to pursue a career in PR or maybe do something in the entertainment industry. Cesario likes meditating, Google searching celebrity heights, and waiting for the impending global climate apocalypse.

Alexis Arreguin

Campus Outreach Intern

Alexis Arreguin is the Campus Outreach Intern at Titan Radio for Spring 2021. He is a fourth-year student majoring in Cinema and Television Arts. After receiving his bachelor's, Alexis plans to go to graduate school to pursue a degree in higher education. He aspires to work in student affairs at the collegiate level and work as a voice actor in his free time. After hours, Alexis enjoys playing video games; some of his favorites include "The Last of Us" and "Life is Strange." He also enjoys cruising on his Heely's, spending time with his pets, Tino and Ahri, and listening to lots of Lorde, Paramore, Charli XCX, Frank Ocean, and Fleetwood Mac.

Daniel Lozano

Promotional Media Intern

Daniel Lozano is the Promotional Media Intern at Titan Radio this Spring. This is his fourth year at CSUF and is double majoring in what some may say is the most lethal major combination to date, History and Cinema and Television Arts. After graduation Daniel hopes to win the lottery and chill out for a bit. Then he would like to star in a hit TV show preferably called Three Dog Night where every actor on set is noticeably taller than him to make him look very small. In his free time Daniel likes to go swimming in the LA River just to get away from life for a bit. He's also an avid supporter of stuffed crust pizza from the Hut and is a Oreo Shake connoisseur.

Yetzel Gonzalez

Audio Production Intern

Yetzel Gonzalez is the Audio Production Intern for Titan Radio Spring 2021. She is majoring in Cinema and Television Arts and is certified in Radio-Audio. Her dream job is to become the VP of the video department at a major record label in the music industry. Yetzel a La Hora is her bilingual radio show were she plays new (and classic) Reggaeton and Hip Hop. Her hobbies consist of DJing, mixology, and getting body art!
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