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About Us

Titan Radio is California State University, Fullerton’s official radio station. We host over 70 student and faculty on-air DJs per semester. Our staff has worked tirelessly since 2000 to mould Titan Radio into a creative outlet for a vast array of different people. Along with our 24/7 broadcast, we also host events, post online articles, and actively interact with our listeners through social media.

If you would like to get involved, visit us in PLS-51, located in the southern basement of Pollak Library. Our station is open to the public. We also encourage you to follow our social media accounts (@titanradio) for all upcoming ticket giveaways, announcements, and events.

Our Mission

Titan Radio’s mission is to operate a radio station that showcases the diverse voices of CSUF and provides experiential learning in various communications fields.

Titan Radio is the warmest, most inclusive community on campus. A safe haven for music lovers & an experimental playground that yields wholesome innovation & motivation.

Kevin RaudalesOn-Air DJ

Titan Radio has helped me connect to more people than ever through music as well as finally become comfortable in a "live media" setting. Titan Radio welcomes all and creates a fun, professional environment on campus.

Priscilla GomezOn-Air Dj

Titan Radio is more than just a radio station; it's a diverse community of driven individuals who create, collaborate, and grow together.

Will GlasbandStreet Team Member

Through four years of Titan Radio, I found a part of my soul, my sound and best of all my friends on and off-air. Eternally grateful to the special space in the basement.

Karl SunglaoFormer Program Director

Titan Radio is the best way to express all the musical creativity I barely have. The station always has something for everybody, and if it somehow doesn't, you can be the one to patch that hole.

Richard CoulterOn-Air DJ

Something I cherished a lot when I joined Titan Radio was how welcome and comfortable I felt. I'm grateful that there is a place on campus where people of all backgrounds can share their music interests freely with no judgment.

Andy GomezFormer On-Air DJ

Meet Our Team


Matt Sylvester

Radio Media Coordinator

Matt Sylvester serves as the radio media coordinator for Titan Radio and the only full-time staff on the team. Serving as the first ever radio media coordinator, Matt sets up the student staff for success every semester and attempts to innovate what Titan Radio does.

Matt graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a degree in American studies and journalism in 2019. In his free time, he enjoys trying new games on his Nintendo Switch, snowboarding, and discovering the intricacies of film and digital photography. He is also eagerly awaiting a trip he has planned in June 2020 to go see a European soccer tournament in the Netherlands.


Xavier Sanchez

General Manager

Xavier is a fourth-year business student who joined Titan Radio during his first year on campus and is happy to say he gained a family for the rest of his life by doing so. He serves as the station’s current general manager and hopes to someday work in A&R or booking within the music industry.

In his free time, Xavier enjoys playing/watching baseball, DJing, video games, and reading. His music tastes are difficult to describe, so he recommends you follow him on Spotify @xdsanchez24 and listen to his show, The Fest, on Wednesdays at 5 p.m.!


Amber Irwin

Communications and Campus Outreach Intern

Amber Irwin is Titan Radio’s Communications and Campus Outreach Intern. She focuses her efforts on building connections between the students at CSUF, as well as other businesses and organizations in support of Titan Radio. As a Communications major and Sociology minor, Amber is passionate about raising awareness and driving much-needed social change in a capitalist society. Her favorite album is probably never going to stray from Taylor Swift’s RED album. Life. Changing. This semester will be her first time on-air with Titan Radio, so be sure to catch her show every week!

Angie Linzaga

Marketing & Promotions Director

Angie Linzaga is the Marketing & Promotions Director for Titan Radio. She is in her final semester at Cal State Fullerton and will be graduating in May with a double major in Business Administration (Marketing) and Communications (Broadcast Journalism). Her dream job would be to work as a Concert Show Marketing Manager or Director for small clubs and venues.

Angy is in the boof Tuesdays at 7PM as the host of “The Passenger Side.” She is a dedicated blackbear stan but loves to play a little bit of everything on her show! Make sure to tune in live or follow her on Instagram @angielinzaga


Areeba Kaukab

Communication and Campus Outreach Director

Areeba Kaukab is the Communications and Campus Outreach director and connects with people around campus. She likes to reach out to other clubs, faculty members, and students so they can come tour the station and learn more about the organization. This is her first year at Cal State University Fullerton and is really passionate about bringing people into the station to find a home on campus. She hopes to help create a more comfortable environment for all students including transfers.
She is a Human Communications Major and is hoping to eventually go to Law School or get her Masters. She loves to explore different forms of media and tends to gravitate towards a multitude of different genres . Her favorite album as of right now is “Hot Fuss” by The Killers because “Mr. Brightside” has been her anthem as of late.

Danielle Batalla

Technical Director

Danielle Batalla serves as Titan Radio’s Technical Director, where she teaches DJs how to produce their own radio show or podcast. Currently on her third year with the station, her daily responsibilities include troubleshooting the DJ booth and Audio Booth as well as maintaining the afterhours of the on-air programming.
As a fourth year philosophy major, Danielle aspires to have a career in higher education either as a professor or a resource center coordinator. After she graduates, she would like to spend some time working for non-profit organizations and then attend graduate school. In her free time Danielle enjoys trying out new restaurants, discovering new music, reading books, and supporting the football team Tottenham Hotspur. To see what Danielle is up to, follow her on Instagram and on Twitter under the handle @dnlbtla!

Eilish Sweeney

Programming Director

Eilish Sweeney is the On-Air Programming Director for Titan Radio, and has been the DJ and host of the show Sooner or Later since fall 2017. She is in her fourth and final year at CSUF, and will be graduating in May with a Bachelor’s in Cinema and Television Arts with an emphasis in production, and a minor in Sociology with an emphasis on sexuality and gender.

Eilish grew up exposed to a wide variety of musical genres and decades, and this shaped her appreciation for all types of music, though she tends to listen mainly to artists from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 2010s. After finishing school she would like to work in either the film or television production industry, but is hoping to continue to work in radio or sociology as well, or do a combination of them all. You can check out her show Sooner or Later for its sixth and final season Thursdays at 11am, or explore her music taste on Spotify @ambeatles.


Julian “SASQUATCH” Orozco

Music and Programming Intern

Julian Orozco, also known as Sasquatch, is a 4th year senior double majoring in American Studies and Communications w/ a focus in Journalism and a minor in Chicano Studies. He is the Music and Programming Intern this semester. For fun, he plays slowpitch softball two nights a week.

Tune into Keeping it Hood in the Good on Thursdays from 4:00pm-5:00pm. His show is mostly hip hop (old school and new school) but also mixes in a lot of other genres like R&B, oldies, funk, alternative rock, indie, and maybe even some jazz too. Gotta expand your horizons, ya feel?


Kshitij Shah (Chris)


Kshitij Shah (aka Chris) serves as Titan Radio’s Webmaster, where he is responsible for maintaining and improving the station’s website. Currently on his second semester with the station, he has managed to revamp the website so far and is continuously working on adding additional features for better availability of content to the users.
Being a Graduate Student majoring in Computer Science, he likes to combine technology with design to encompass the welcoming and colorful vibe of the station through the website and he aspires to work in the field of Product Design (UI/UX) to continue doing the same. You can tune in to listen to his show ‘Alpha-Bet’ every Thursdays 7pm - 8pm. To stay updated, you can follow him on Instagram and/or Spotify @kshitijshah95.

Landy Waight

Marketing Intern

Landy Waight is an Entertainment and Hospitality Management student at CSUF. He is currently a marketing intern at Titan Radio as well as the host of his own radio show titled “The Waight List” that airs every Thursday at 8 AM. Landy’s show is a reflection of his diverse music taste which ranges from Chief Keef to Miles Davis. In his free time he enjoys watching basketball, eating dank food, and going to the gym. You can follow him on instagram and Spotify @landywaight

Michael Quintero

Programming and Music intern

Michael is in his fourth-year at CSUF and is a Communications major with an emphasis in Journalism and a minor in Photo Communications. This is his third semester with Titan Radio and is serving as the Programming and Music intern this semester. He is also the Creative Director for Tusk Magazine this semester.
Michael’s hobbies are going to concerts, surfing, photography, and reading. He plays a variety of genres on his show at 7PM on Wednesdays, “Crowd Surf” from 60’s rock to rap to psychedelic. As for a career he wants to be a writer in the music industry or the skateboarding scene.

Monica Sanchez

Technical Intern

Monica Sanchez is the Technical Intern for Titan Radio. She is looking forward to learning more about the software and technology for programming as well as learning how to run a radio station. This is her second semester with the station and she is looking forward to graduating in May. Monica is the host of “Monica’s Existential Hour” which goes live Tuesdays at 6PM. On her show, she plays a little bit of everything but wants to focus on hosting more interviews this season. Monica’s dream job is to go into sound design or work in audio production.

Rachel Chavous

Communication Intern

Rachel Chavous is a senior at CSUF and the communications intern at Titan Radio. Her major is communications with a focus in public relations and she plans to go abroad to teach English in Korea after graduating before starting her career in corporation PR.
Her hobbies include playing basketball and going to various concerts throughout the year. She enjoys listening to a lot of Korean music and the genres of pop, hip-hop, ballad, and R&B. Her biggest music recommendation would be to explore other culture’s music and languages and find that music sounds so good to listen to even when you do not understand the words!

Shelby Stancliff

Marketing Intern

Shelby is a Communications major concentrating in Entertainment and Tourism with a minor in Cinema and Television Arts. In her third semester at Titan Radio, Shelby is serving as a Marketing and Promotions intern, as well as hosting “When?sdays” at 4 where she goes through songs and top charts of the past.. Shelby would describe her taste in music as a mixture of early 2000s pop and R&B, pop punk, and alt pop/rap. She would recommend artists such as The 1975, Roy Blair, and With Confidence.
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