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Titan Radio is California State University, Fullerton’s official student-led radio station. From the 2000s till now, Titan Radio has committed to producing a creative outlet for a vast array of voices, with content ranging from music to talk shows. The station hosts over 80 DJs per semester with a combination of students and faculty.
Along with our 24/7 broadcast, we host a staff show, The Feed, which is composed of various topics uploaded once a week. Check out the blog section where staff publishes concert reviews and other fun topics. Engagement with listeners is kept up through Titan Radio-sponsored events and by following us on social media.
If you would like to get involved, visit us in PLS-51, located in the southern basement of Pollak Library. Our station is open to the public. We encourage you to follow our social media accounts (@titanradio) for all upcoming ticket giveaways, announcements, and events.


Our Mission

Titan Radio’s mission is to operate a radio station that showcases the diverse voices of CSUF and provides experiential learning in various communications fields.

Titan Radio is responsible for gifting me with lifelong friends, kickstarting my career, and vastly expanding my music taste. Despite students coming and going every semester, this beautiful place continually attracts the most genuine people you’ve ever met.

Matt “Sully” SylvesterFormer Radio Coordinator

Titan Radio introduced me to people that are so open and beyond kind! Being a commuter means I don’t have many opportunities to meet new people, but joining TR has allowed me to meet amazing people, become more comfortable with myself, and I get to be more creative!

Megan TeelingOn-Air Dj

Titan Radio gave me a place to call home on campus. College can be big and daunting, but TR is the one place that made me feel like I belong and can be apart of something bigger than myself.

Shelby StancliffGeneral Manager

Through four years of Titan Radio, I found a part of my soul, my sound and best of all my friends on and off-air. Eternally grateful to the special space in the basement.

Karl SunglaoFormer Program Director

Titan Radio is the best way to express all the musical creativity I barely have. The station always has something for everybody, and if it somehow doesn't, you can be the one to patch that hole.

Richard CoulterOn-Air DJ

Something I cherished a lot when I joined Titan Radio was how welcome and comfortable I felt. I'm grateful that there is a place on campus where people of all backgrounds can share their music interests freely with no judgment.

Andy GomezFormer On-Air DJ

Meet Our Team

Julio Reyes

Radio Media Specialist


General Manager

Andrew Torres

Marketing and Promos Director

Jack Pruitt

Program and Tech Director

Angel Armendariz


Brandon Walkley

Communications Director

David Olivares

Web Design Intern

Megan Teeling

Marketing and Promos Intern

Sirena Salas

Marketing and Promos Intern

AJ Yabut

Tech and Programming Intern

Carlos Cordova

Tech and Programming Intern

Jasmeen Holder

Communications Intern

Mayra Martinez

Communications Intern

Julio Reyes

Radio Media Specialist

Shelby Stancliff

General Manager

Marie Chinchilla

Marketing & Promos Director

Grant Kitchen

Audio Tech & Music

Daniel Truong


Kirsten Ochoa

Web Design Intern

Jack Pruitt

Program Director

Andrew Torres

Marketing & Promos Intern

Gabriel Figueroa

Marketting & Promos Intern

Catalina Melgoza

Communications & CO Director

Brandon Walkey

Social Media & Content Intern

Amanda Castro

Campus Outreach Intern

Cameron Macedonio

Technical Intern

Abigail Millan

Programming Intern

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