Xavier Sanchez

Xavier Sanchez – General Manager

Xavier is a third-year business student who joined Titan Radio during his first year on campus and is happy to say he gained a family for the rest of his life by doing so. He stumbled upon Titan Radio in the Fall of 2016 and joined the station as DJ for the Spring 2017 semester. Following a semester in the role of Promotions Intern in Fall 2017, Xavier moved over to become the Marketing and Promotions Director of the station for a little over a year, before becoming general manager in Spring 2019. Xavier’s favourite part about Titan Radio is that it allows people to share the music and interests that they are passionate about with the world. When Xavier isn’t in the basement of the library, he’s usually playing or watching sports, playing video games, or going to a concert. His show, “The Fest,” airs every Thursday night at 4 p.m.


  1. Bubblin – Anderson .Paak
  2. Bedtime Story – GoldLink
  3. I Got It – Manus
  4. Kodak – Khüdosóul
  5. Learning to Love – LA Priest
  6. Statue – Bonnie Banane
  7. The Magnificent Moon – Mildlife
  8. Harry Brompton’s Ice Tea – Jadu Heart
  9. Midnight Racer – Sam Gellaitry
  10. Fake ID – Riton & Kah-Lo

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