The Jazz Lounge (6:00 PM)

Nathaniel Staav

I’m a person who has an ultimate passion for radio. It started out from a young age of hearing different radio shows and music while taking drives with my family. My passion for radio only became deeper through high school until one day not long before high school graduation I decided radio was something fascinating something worth pursuing a college degree for so I did. I went through the radio program at the Fullerton Junior College before transferring to CSUF and joining Titan Internet Radio in the Fall of 2016 and I must say what a fantastic fun filled year it has been. My show The Jazz Lounge is about making you feel relaxed and stress free as you go about your week. I play all the classics from Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson, Miles Davis and Wes Montgomery to more contemporary artists who put a twist on to the traditional jazz sound such as Kenny G, Diana Krall, Stacy Kent, Richard Elliot and David Benoit as well as swing jazz. I invite you every week to join me on a musical journey through jazz right here on Titan Internet Radio.

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