Gaming Grooves (9:00 PM)

Steven Widmark

I’m a senior at CSUF studying cinema and television with a passion for the power of storytelling. Two of the most impactful forms of stories in my life have been radio dramas and video games. A key part that drew me into those tales was the music that captured my imagination.
Fifteen years ago, I didn’t have a portable cd or mp3 player. But I did have my Gameboy Advance with a copy of Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls. I memorized how to navigate to that game’s sound room in the dark (backlighting was a luxury in those days) and soaked in the soundtrack for hours on end. Along with Final Fantasy, Megaman Zero 2, and many other titles in my collection, I learned how the music of games was an art unto itself.
Gaming Grooves is all about sharing that art and passion found in the soundtracks of classic and modern video games. It’s about sharing the musical works of fans who’ve been inspired by these games. But like any game that’s worth playing, it’s simply about having a fun time. Game on friends!

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