Jake Eras – Tech Director

Tech Director

Jacob has been with the station since Fall 2015 and has considered Titan Radio his family ever since. Starting as an overly enthusiastic street team member, Jake gradually made his way up to the Technical Director of the station through his love of educating people on audio design and tech. When he isn’t producing zany promos or putting out the technical fires at the station, Jake is usually writing music with his band or fiddling with battery powered music machines. For him, music is the best magic in existence and he will always dedicate his life to harnessing that magic and sharing it with people. Whether it be living out his dream to compose music for indie films and video games, or touring the world with his music, Jake just wants to live a life that can support his love for the arts. He is open to any form of music and loves anything that challenges his ears. You can catch his trippy and spacey eclectic show, Soundscrape Duality, Tuesdays at 8pm!

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Memory Mirror by The Octopus Project

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