George Menjivar – Promotions Intern

George first joined Titan Radio in Fall 2015 as the host for Open Talks with YaBoyGeorge that is currently on Thursday’s at 4:00pm. Throughout the years George has developed a platform advocating upcoming artists. On his show he interview’s local artists mainly rappers, discuss their careers and promoting new projects that the artist has coming out. During the breaks on his show he has a live DJ mixing mostly hip hop music. One fun thing that he likes to do on his show is have the rappers freestyle live on the air. When George isn’t on the air, he’s actually a rapper himself and works on new content every chance he gets. Some of his biggest inspirations are Sway, Kanye West, and Drake. George plans to have his own professional podcast studio and a record label after he graduates. George is currently our Promotions Intern and always does his best to promote the station and Open Talks.

Listen to George’s picks for the semester down below!

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