Danielle Batalla – Tech Intern

Tech Intern

Although her journey at the station began recently in Fall 2017, Danielle says that joining Titan Radio was one of the turning points of her college career. For her, becoming apart of a community that was encouraging and supportive was what drove her to become a more active student on campus. Also, joining Titan Radio expanded her musical horizons like never before. Much of this can be seen on her weekly show, “Mixology,” where she plays a curated list of diverse music for people to enjoy. When she’s not busy helping the Tech director at the station, Danielle likes to watch movies. When asked about her favorite film, Danielle usually tosses it up between “Paris, Texas,” “Chungking Express,” or “Annie Hall.” Danielle also likes to eat food and lists Santouka Ramen as her favorite restaurant (and will argue that it’s the best bowl of ramen in LA!)

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Listen to Danielle’s picks for the semester down below:

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