Show Review // Punk in Drublic

By Caitlin Logan

Punk in Drublic was a festival that brought the craft beer and punk rock worlds together. Located on Bolsa State Beach, the festival featured iconic punk rock groups such as The Dickies, Bad Religion, and NOFX. Complimentary beer tastings were held for the first 4 hours, including many breweries near and dear to our locals. Breweries such as FourSons, Bootleggers, and Stone set up stands for fans right on the beach. In addition to the hundreds of beers available for tasting at the festival NOFX frontman, Fat Mike, collaborated with Stone to give way to their very own hoppy lager, Punk in Drublic, named after the album that changed their musical careers. The lager was sold at the festival markets, with a can featuring art from the original album cover, and was the first commitment of its kind to be seen between an artist and brewery partner.

By the time that the headliners began to play, the beach was teeming with fans. Aerial footage showed the excitement of the crowd, as multiple mosh pits can be seen breaking out during the performances. It was an amazing experience to watch these groups play with the same enthusiasm they had when they had first formed. Both Bad Religion and NOFX are closing in on 4 decades as a band, but it’s safe to say they are not losing their edge any time soon. NOFX was one of the only bands in their scene to stay independent all while obtaining major success. To this day, they are still seen as a DIY icon and inspiration for independent musicians everywhere. Many fans have described the gathering as one of the best, most “bang for your buck festivals” that you can attend, and are eagerly looking forward to the next. “

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