Show Review: “Morrissey Day”

By Tony Ochoa

November 10, 2017 “Morrissey Day”

Stephen Patrick Morrissey. We know him, we love him, and we can’t live without him. I had the great pleasure of seeing this rock icon live at the Hollywood bowl November 10. To my shock the whole music venue was only serving vegetarian food, per Morrissey’s request. Knowing that Morrissey is a die hard vegan, my only food options were vegan hot dogs or nachos… I went for the nachos. The show opener was Billy Idol. This spiked haired silver fox got everybody on their feet. People were screaming “I love you”, “I want your baby”, “I’m soaking wet”… I wish I was joking. After Billy Idol brought the house down with rebel yell and white wedding, the main event was brought on to the stage. The man, the myth, the legend, the man who puts the Moz in Moz Angeles, Morrissey appeared. Once on stage my ears started bleeding from all the applause raining down on me. Morrissey’s set list included four Smiths’ songs. “I started something”, “HOW SOON IS NOW?”, “Trumpshifters of the world”, and “Meat is murder”. Crazy story about that last song. While playing “Meat is murder” Morrissey screened footage of animals being killed at slaughter houses. The video was displayed on 20 ft by 20 ft screens. Everybody at the bowl turned away from the footage in disgust. I just stared at my Vans throughout the whole song. Anyways, Morrissey also played a couple of songs off his album “Low in high school” (in stores now). One of my personal favorite songs is “When you open your legs”. What else can I say! The Morrissey concert was an amazing experience. Seeing this rock icon live and in person really made my day. And on Morrissey Day! (Thanks to councilwoman Monica Rodriguez) Funny note. November 10 was veterans day. I guess Morrissey is more important than our veterans.


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