Show Review: Jawbreaker at CSUF

By Aki Vo-Ta

Iconic ‘90s rock band, Jawbreaker performing at Cal State Fullerton at the Becker Amphitheater
on November 21st, 1995.
Originally met and convened in the East Coast, via New York. This trio, fronted by Blake
Schwarzenbach, who’s moody yearn-felt lyrics and curling aggressive vocal display developed a
large cult-like following in the mid 90’s in the Bay Area of California. Featuring Chris
Bauermeister and Adam Pfahler, on bass and drums respectively, the band were met during
their college years. Despite such a rising fan following and major label interest, Jawbreaker
combusted by 1996 after releasing a highly polished album that was cleaner in production than
their rawer predecessors. Through years of interest in their catalog, and multiple repeated nods
by younger bands on their influence on modern pop-punk and emo bands, Jawbreaker reunited
this year. To listen and watch the intensity and immediate drawing power that Jawbreaker has,
is to appreciate how so many were drawn to the band.

A new documentary was released this
year about the band’s legacy. As Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong said in the recent doc about
them being a link between both Greenday and Nirvana, it is apparent of the band’s influence
and legacy on the many punk and emo-influenced bands that have been rocking out in the past
couple decades. Uniquely, Jawbreaker performed in 1995 at Cal State Fullerton. At this time,
the band’s final album and major release ‘Dear You’ was produced. initially panned by fans
upon it’s release for veering from the band’s rawer sound, the album has aged to be influential
in the modern pop-punk canon. Watching this clip of Jawbreaker, performing at Cal State
Fullerton’’s Becker Amphitheater, is to witness a moment in time where a small crowd of people
could enjoy almost a full of hour of the band’s raw music.


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