Show Review // Dylan Flaherty

Tommy Midnight, Spendtime Palace, Distractor
March 11, 2017 at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa
The last time I saw Distractor and Tommy Midnight play together, I
went to see Tomorrows Tulips play at The Constellation Room and was
greatly surprised by these two amazing acts. Tommy is some sort of
creature on stage, moving his body like I have never seen and
producing sounds that warrant those movements completely. At The
Wayfarer, he played a slow-core set and sat in a chair with minimal
drums and very heartfelt tunes. The intense emotion he puts into his
songs also comes out while he performs, which is something truly
powerful to witness. Distractor is something else. They poke fun at
mainstream music and what it means to sing and play instruments.
Seeing them in the crowd before the show is always interesting because
they seem like the most boring people in the room but when they get on
stage they have immense amounts of fun. The electricity they have on
stage paired with the stunning lyrics and synth sounds is something
you can only witness live. This was my first time seeing Spendtime
Palace, formerly known as Playdate, play live and I loved it. They
came dressed up like it was the seventies and played music like they
had been practicing since then. I have always been a fan of the deep
voice when it comes to singing and they put that in my ears along with
some awesome surf-inspired guitar and catchy synth melodies. Though
they are young, they have clearly been playing for some time as a band
and definitely know their sound. I look forward to what they will
bring to the table in the near future, I think they will continue to
put out hits. I liked them so much that I went to their next show at
The Constellation room where they headlined and delivered once again.

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