Show Review // Coldplay

By Katherine Pham

Coldplay Concert Review

Coldplay. A band many love to rag on, but also secretly like. Formed in 1996, Coldplay is a rock band
who gained popularity with the single Yellow in 2000. Since then, they have released seven full length
albums. The sound has changed throughout the years, with their three most recent albums veering away
from the alternative sound and exploring the pop/pop rock sound that is airplay friendly. That being said,
A Head Full of Dreams tour sounded attractive, yet weary, for fear that the band play the majority of
songs from their recent albums. That thought was quickly put to rest, as the band delivered with stellar
performances from “Parachutes” to “A Head Full of Dreams.”
Coldplay opened the set with the title track from their latest album. Complete with an amazing visual
display and canyons blasting confetti into the crowd, the band has done this many times and knows how
to please. They followed up with “Yellow,” which made me teary, as the song holds personal meaning.
The interesting thing about their concerts is that each attendee receives a wristband at the beginning of the
show that will light in sync with the concert. During this song, the wristbands turned yellow, and the
venue looked as if there were a bunch of “stars shining for us.” The wristband idea played really well into
the rest of the show, as it added extra visual and entertainment to the show.
The band went on to a different stage, in the middle of the venue to play slower hits, such as Magic.
Having a floor seat, I was super stoked to see them up close and get a more intimate look at the Coldplay
performing, a now rare experience with a band of that caliber. They finished the show with Up&Up, with
an extended outro showing the flags of America, Mexico, and love put next to each other.
Overall, the concert was one of my favorites this year. Though their music has changed over the years to
more radio friendly pop songs, Coldplay still retains the sincerity of their artistry, putting their audience
as a top priority and never ceasing to please.

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