MUSINK Festival Review – Day 2

Written by Caitlin Logan

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Whether you’re into cars, tattoos, or live music, Musink is a unique way to experience many art forms all in one place.

In this historic event, fans in every age group gathered around the Hangar to sing songs from some of their favorite artists, each with new and old tunes alike. Aimee Allen, the lead singer of The Interrupters, featured a rare vocal timbre reminiscent of Joan Jett. Good Charlotte played classics from the very beginning of their career but proved they could stay faithful to their sound with songs off their newest album, Youth Authority. It’s no surprise that every Blink song was sung by the crowd at the top of their lungs. In fact, it was one of the greatest reactions I’ve seen from an audience yet. Personally, I have listened to the group for years and I didn’t think that the performance could have been any better. Travis Barker even added additional drum fills while playing the live set, and was given the opportunity to showcase his skills during a drum solo. The mark of a great drummer is one that can play all on their own, varying their approaches, and still come back to earth without ever losing their timing.

One of the best features of the festival is that it supports variety of art, not just music. Hundreds of tattoo artists from all around set up booths to give patrons new ink right on site. From neo traditional to watercolor, there was an artist that specialized in each style. If body art isn’t your thing, merchandise, original drawing and prints could be purchased from tattoo artists as well.

Though many people don’t see cars as anything more than a mode of transportation. However, the display at the festival proved this craft can make a vehicle so much more. Show cars were lined up, with some of the finest tune-ups and paint jobs around. Anyone could tell by looking at the line-up that the owners have sacrificed a significant amount of time and money to pour their creativity into their rides. Not one of them looked like any of the classic automobiles I’ve seen at the dozens of car shows I’ve attended in Southern California.

Punk Rock and Paint Brushes, an art management company, provided the exclusive opportunity to purchase art by many of the musicians, as well as professional skaters. It was an exceptional experience to discover that many of the band members are multi-talented, boasting works from paintings to prints. Matt Skiba, Warren Fitzgerald, Matt Hensley, Paul Kobriger, and Steve Caballero were just a few of the artists that provided art to the stand.

Many other vendors made an appearance, most of which were small businesses. Hell Flower soap company, inspired by Lush, created art out of soap and similar products. Their product line included unique scents like “Franky, My Dear”, “Stinky Hippy”, and “Unicorn”, all with their own designs. Many other businesses had stands, each with handmade products such as jewelry, clothes, and coasters.

Travis Barker’s influence has really helped to further improve Musink. It was truly a one-of-a-kind experience, and for those that missed it, I highly suggest attending this festival next year.

-Caitlin Logan

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