Iration Concert

By Alicia Springfield

On November 18 th 2017, I attended my second concert by the alternative/reggae band Iration.
The first time that I had seen them preform live was through clouds of smoke, from the
cheapest lawn tickets sold for 91X’s annual summer X-fest. Now, over a year later, I found
myself attending my second show, this time backstage with the band members themselves;
wandering and dumb struck. Despite the pronounced Titan Radio Media tag hanging around my
neck, I couldn’t seem to get past the feeling that I was completely out of place. The
environment was something akin to a backyard barbeque, in that people were constantly
mingling with family and friends enjoying the venue. Only, this backyard barbeque had lots
weed, beer and the boujiest port-a- pottys I have ever seen in my life. Somehow amongst the
bustle, my right-hand media man Kevin Springfield, scored an interview with band member and
guitarist, Micah Brown. With trembling hands and help from an iPhone recording app we
introduced ourselves. Olivia Ann, local artist, personal friend and Iration fan from San Diego
California, dove into the interview with me. We began by asking Micah about life on tour and
their newest single. That day, I learned that Iration has been touring ever since 2008, bringing
their Hawaiian-bred sound all over the nation. Additionally, Micah told us that the band draws
inspiration from rock, pop and even current events when song writing. For instance, their
newest single, “Borderlines” was written as a collaboration between band members and
spurred on by national political tension. Following the interview, we were able to watch the
show from a side stage viewing point. This was an incredible and once in a lifetime experience
that forever changed the way in which I view concerts. A mere few feet away from the artists
we were able to see everything. I loved watching all the member’s facial expressions as they
completed their set. It was evident that they all loved what they were doing. Despite all this,
perhaps most breath-taking sight of the whole evening was looking over the crowd. Thousands
of people assembled pressed up to the stage with countless hands and warm expressions. I was
in disbelief of how beautiful the view was watching individual people come together and enjoy
something together. I thought about how I had only ever been in their shoes, viewing the show
from amongst a crowd.

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