Our Team

Matt Sylvester General Manager
Matt has been with Titan Radio since the spring semester of 2015, first as a DJ and then as a staff member. Before filling the role of General Manager, he worked as the Marketing Director and Programming Director. Matt’s favorite part about Titan Radio is the culturally diverse and interdisciplinary people that it attracts. Aside from working at Titan Radio and studying American culture and journalism at Cal State Fullerton, Matt enjoys snowboarding, watching Italian soccer, and playing Mario Kart with friends.
Eilish Sweeney Programming Director
Eilish has been a DJ with Titan Radio since the fall semester of 2017; and has now joined the station’s staff as Programming Director. Eilish’s favorite part of Titan Radio is the welcoming environment it creates, and its family-like atmosphere. In addition to working at Titan Radio and being a third year Cinema and Television Arts student at Cal State Fullerton, Eilish is constantly making new playlists to suit every mood, rewatching 90s television shows, and trying to fit in a nap between every class.
Cameron Henry Marketing & Technical Intern
Returning for his second year with the station, Cameron brings a positive attitude and a willingness to strive for greatness. In his personal life, Cam is a bedroom producer and has been doing that for 4 years. His eclectic ability to collaborate with artists from all genres has made him a true asset to the team. He will be assisting our Technical Director, Danielle Batalla with all tech-related matters. Cam will also be apart of our marketing division and assisting with social media marketing. He hopes to take his passion for technology, music, and advertising with him into the future.
Xavier Sanchez
Xavier Sanchez Marketing & Promotions
Xavier joined Titan Radio during his first year on campus and is happy to say he gained a family for the rest of his life by doing so. Following a semester in the role of Promotions Intern, Xavier moved over to become the Marketing and Promotions Director for the station, which is the position he currently occupies. Xavier’s favorite part about Titan Radio is that it allows people to share the music and interests that they are passionate about with the world. When Xavier isn’t in the basement of the library, he’s usually playing or watching sports, playing video games, or going to a live show. His show, “The Fest,” airs every Thursday night at 5 p.m.
Faisal Khan
Faisal Khan Webmaster
Faisal has been with Titan Radio since the spring of 2018. He is doing graduation in Computer Science. He spends most of his time brewing code.
Emeline Beltran
Emeline Beltran Communications & Campus Outreach Intern
After spending two years working for on-campus publications (including Tusk Magazine), Emeline took a turn in her media production experience and joined the Titan Radio team this fall semester of 2018. She is excited to develop broadcast studio skills while working with the communications team on outreach and social media. As she finishes up her fourth and final year as a photo communications major at Cal State Fullerton, Emeline also enjoys thrift shopping, indulging in anything with matcha, and watching beauty and lifestyle videos on YouTube.
Abbie Briley
Abbie Briley Communications & Campus Outreach Intern
After transferring to CSUF looking to make new friends and get involved, Abbie found a home in Titan Radio. As a public relations major, Abbie hopes to go into the entertainment industry working in media production. This is her second year with Titan Radio and had two radio shows, “Throwback Emo Hour”, and “In Between Days”. She is excited to be a part of this new team and looks forward to make Titan Radio grow. Her favorite part is listening to everyone’s shows, discovering new music and promoting her fellow DJ’s. During her free time, Abbie can be found going to concerts, posting on social media constantly, and making magic at Disneyland.
Danielle Batalla Technical Director
Currently in her 2nd year at the station, Danielle serves as the Technical Director for the 2018-2019 school year. Before taking this position, Danielle has previously served as the Tech Intern in Spring of 2018, and, before that, just a regular DJ. What Danielle has appreciated the most so far in her journey at the station is the camaraderie not just between the staff members, but also the DJs as well. The friendly and open environment, that Titan Radio had, encouraged her to explore other genres of music, as well as become an active student on campus. When Danielle is not on the clock extinguishing technical “fires,” she can often be found watching movies, collecting records, reading books, or eating at new restaurants.
Chanel Woodard Music & Marketing Intern
As a commuter from West Los Angeles and a transfer student, Chanel found campus involvement to be difficult at first. After joining the Titan Radio family Spring 2018, she was now connected with more people than she could imagine and sold on having a stronger hand in Titan Radio’s growth. Currently the Music & Marketing intern, Chanel looks forward to giving others a chance to connect with their favorite artists, giving upcoming artists a platform for exposure, and assisting Titan Radio to build new relationships. Deeply rooted in Cinema & Television, Chanel plans to dive into the industry after receiving her Psychology degree. When she’s not noodling on the guitar, Chanel is most likely analyzing scripts, brainstorming with friends, trying new food joints, or catching various shows.
Mel Nodarse
Mel Nodarse Communications & Campus Outreach Director
Mel was finessed into entering Titan Radio’s sticker contest in 2017, when she was a senior in high school. Her design was accepted, and a couple months later, so was she into CSUF. She thanks all the Titan Radio moms and dads for adopting her into the TR family and making her transition and outlook coming into university smooth and passionate. Mel is an illustrator pursuing degrees in graphic design and marketing. Outside, she can be found looking for short people trading their GAs for P1s, or in selfies with Jay Park.