Lauren Belotti

Lauren Belotti

Lauren Belotti – Music Intern

Lauren is currently the Music Intern for Titan Radio for this Spring semester and has a live show every Thursday on the station. She has loved her experience at CSUF and is looking forward to graduating this Spring with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a concentration in Entertainment and Tourism. Lauren’s passion for music led her to pursue an internship with Titan Radio. She could not be more grateful for the knowledge and experience she has gained and the wonderful connections made with the TR staff and on-air DJ’s.

Thanks to the confidence her fellow staff members at Titan Radio gave her Lauren began her first on-air show this semester called “Sweet N’ Lo”, which has undoubtedly become the highlight of her week.

The stations’ versatility gives Lauren and all Titan Radio DJ’s the freedom to express and share their passion with an audience and she encourages all students and faculty to get involved and come visit the station.


  1. Bag Lady – Radio Edit : Erykah Badu
  2. Orion’s Belt : Sabrina Claudio
  3. Balmain Jeans : Kid Cudi
  4. Bedroom : Litany
  5. Heaven Knows : Faith Evans
  6. I Was Made To Love Her : Stevie Wonder
  7. For You : Fickle Friends
  8. Blue Bayou : Linda Ronstadt
  9. Right Through You : Alanis Morissette
  10. Julia : SZA