Open Talks Review on 7Less

By George Menjivar

On September 27th, 2017, I interviewed my first band named 7Less Music.  They are an upcoming band from Artesia CA.  The band makes soft rock mixed with pop music.  It’s two artists, Rasec who is the singer, and the guitarist, and John who is the drummer.  What I loved about the interview with them is they’re very conversational and open-minded people. We ended up speaking about historical things that happens in life, and topics that many people can relate to. Love, music, life, people and many more, it was very interesting to get to know these guys.  They made me realize to always appreciate the little things in life, and to not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.  Currently, they are working on their next EP project and to see what else they need to do to get to the next level.  7Less was one of my favorite interviews I’ve done for Open Talks and I’m interested in bringing them back on the show in the future.  If anyone loves to listen to deep intimate type of music, 7Less is an excellent choice to listen to.

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