Tropicalia Festival: Review

By Paulina Sanchez

When the lineup for Tropicalia first came out, I knew it was not a festival to miss out on.
Some of my favorite artists were playing together in one place and it was a chance to check out
others I haven’t been able to see. It was held at the Queen Mary in Long Beach early November.
I saw everyone from Current Joys, The Buttertones, Surf Curse, Cuco, King Krule, Kali
Uchis, Chicano Batman, and Los Tigres del Norte. There were so many great people playing I
unfortunately missed some great acts, but it was still an amazing time nonetheless.
They gave free tacos for every diet for the first half of the day and I had delicious vegan
tacos. The location was great and spacious and it was facing a beautiful view of the beach, great
for pictures with all your friends.
I got to see Current Joys early in the day and the played one of my favorite songs, “Kids”
It was a wholesome experience because a girl was sobbing in front of me while watching them
because we were front row. Right after them, I saw The Buttertones for the first time as well and
that was amazing because their songs just make you want to jump and punch something, and
that’s exactly what we all did in the pit.
All my favorite acts came on right after another on the same stage. King Krule was the
first and he played songs from his new album “The OOZ” and fan favorites like “Baby Blue”.
Kali Uchis came on after and played mostly everything from “Por Vida” and even “See You
Again” from Tyler, the Creators’ “Flower Boy” which was a real treat for us Tyler fans. Then,
Chicano Batman came on and those guys know how to put on a great show. I’ve been lucky
enough to see them three times and this time was just as amazing. They played songs from their
last two albums “Cycles of Existential Rhyme” and their most recent, “Freedom is Free”. At the
end, Los Tigres played and it was just fun listening to them and dancing with my best friends and
seeing everyone in the crowd having a good time.
If there’s another Tropicalia Festival again next year, be sure to go because this one was
so fun and worth it for all the great people and great acts playing.

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