Festival Review // Life is Beautiful

By Alexander Foy

Life is Beautiful Review

Life. Is. Beautiful. It was a common theme for three days in Downtown Las Vegas which
featured the best of music, art, and food at the fifth installment of Life is Beautiful Festival.
With the three main headliners, Chance the Rapper, Muse, and Gorillaz, the Festival kicked off
with some of the music industry’s best that gave fans non-stop action from the moment they
stepped inside. Being in Downtown Las Vegas, the action wasn’t limited to the couple blocks of
the festival but started the moment you stepped outside the hotel or Uber. The three-day festival
awaked the Downtown area that normally wouldn’t get the clientele of the Life is Beautiful
crowd. The three-day general admission tickets were sold out making the festival one of the
most sought-after tickets for the weekend. As the sun started to set on Downtown Las Vegas,
Life is Beautiful came alive Friday night for the start of pure three-day magic.
Almost every act I saw was top notch and completely perfect. I wasn’t disappointed with most
of the acts because they all brought a unique energy and vibe that kept the crowd involved and
Winner: Two Door Cinema Club
One of the top acts of the weekend that brought so much hype to the part of the day were energy
was running thin. I didn’t know about Two Door Cinema Club before the festival but I’m glad I
was able to stick around because they were dynamite. They put the pedal to the metal and there
was no turning back.
Loser: Sean Paul and the first 15 minutes of his set

I wanted to relive my sixth-grade dreams by jamming out to Temperature but at the beginning of
the set, Sean Paul was experiencing technical issues and had no bass which made the first part of
his set subpar. Makes me a little sad inside that I left Two Door Cinema Club early to see Sean
Winner: Capital Cities Encore
I have never been so happy in my life at a concert. The ending of Capital Cities will probably go
down in one my favorites concert experiences. Capital Cities ended with performing “Safe and
Sound” and then the entire band pumped up the crowd with a little remix of the song by jamming
and dancing with the crowd during the drops.
Loser: Schoolboy Q
He seemed a little off and maybe because it was the stage placement especially with Muse and
Cage the Elephant following him. Q seemed to be feeling out the crowd most of the time and
maybe it wasn’t there.
Winner: Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa is a rising star in the world. She’s been featured on songs by Wale and Martin Garrix
which make her mainstream appeal to be the must watch in the next couple of years. She
brought out the energy with a jam-packed set that let the crowd groove.
Loser: Having to choose between Haim and the xx
Friday was a tough balancing act but I think the biggest letdown of the entire weekend was
having to choose between Haim and The xx. The xx performed at (9:20pm-10:30pm) and Haim
performed at (9:25pm-10:25pm) which gave no time for you to catch a majority of the set
without missing the other. Other acts were able to give time to move from stage to stage and
grab 30 minutes’ worth of the act which made it disappointed that I wasn’t able to see both.
Top 5:
1. Capital Cities
2. Dua Lipa
3. Two Door Cinema Club
4. Frenship
5. Sigrid
Overall Weekend:
Winner: The Food
The food trucks were refreshing to grab a bite of food that I normally wouldn’t try. On Friday, I
had a White Rabbit burrito and egg rolls, all for $15, which is a steal considering the prices for

food in the festival. Saturday, I had the Hungry Royal’s Korean Spiced Pulled Pork sandwich
which attacked my mouth with taste buds that gave the extra energy boost to make it through
Saturday. Sunday, I had Belly Bombz with Chipotle flavored chicken wings and a Pork Belly
Sliders which was the perfect meal to end out the festival. I gave myself a magical rule that I
didn’t want to eat at the festival but after Friday, I knew there was great food out there that I
couldn’t pass up. A+++ for the weekend of food.
Loser: Waiting in Lines
Waiting in line to get into the festival. Wait in line for food. Wait in line for the Art Motel.
Wait in line to get boxed water. Wait in line to get a picture. Waiting in line is a common theme
that was found at Life is Beautiful but with a sold-out crowd for each day, it’s something that
isn’t a surprise. On Friday, the line was terrible to get in especially when there was no direction
where to go and confusion everywhere. Besides that, it was chill.
Winner: Life
Life is Beautiful. It an amazing experience to have especially when the crowd respects the space
of others and everyone focuses on having the best time possible. Respecting everyone around us
and having fun is something that we should try to do a lot more in life even when we aren’t at

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